Your Crossfit Uniform

If you’re a gym worshipper, you’re no stranger to crossfit. But when it comes to dressing up for the occasion, you need to consider certain workout items. Try as you might, those pajama pants and that oversize novelty t-shirt aren’t going to cut it (meaning this writer will never do crossfit), but instead of copping out, check out our roundup for the workout pieces you need.

1. A well-fitting sports bra
If you’ve been working out with underwire, you’ve made a huge mistake. While a normal bra does the job of keeping the girls up, underwire and polyester won’t let your skin breathe. So to ensure you’re not giving yourself a heat rash (which happens) or compromising your workout results, get yourself measured and pick up a sports bra. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

2. Trainers
It’s easy to think there’s an all-purpose gym shoe, but when it comes to endurance and weight training, you want to kibosh unnecessary ad-ons. But instead of splurging on a pair of trainers that deliver everything, start with a pair of lightweight running shoes that won’t physically bring you down. Easily the most important of all workout pieces, a pair of well-fitting running shoes will not only keep your feet and back supported, they’ll ensure you’re working out in the best way possible. No skateboarding shoes (like some of us may have worn in high school gym class) anymore.

3. Performance pants or shorts
The key to workout pieces is comfort so one person’s definition of performance pants may differ from your own. Are you comfortable in Lululemon yogs bottoms? Then pick up a pair and let your crossfit flag fly. However, you may prefer wearing shorts if you want to shed excess fabric, and those work too. The only thing you have to look out for is fleece: since crossfit will see you sweat like you mean it, you’ll only trap heat with heavy fabric, so opt for brands and styles that let you breathe.

4. A headband
You’ll last five minutes in crossfit before needing the hair off your face, so invest in workout pieces like headbands or even a scrunchie to keep your hair back. Not only will long, loose hair trap heat and sweat, you’ll feel uncomfortable unnecessarily. And while workouts like crossfit serve to make you feel uncomfortable, you need not be whipping sweaty hair around the gym just because you can.



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