Would You Wear It? Sheer

Are you ready to read the most riveting and/or compelling sentence in the history of time and space? Are you sure? (Seriously, are you?) Okay, great here we go: sheer pieces are super in this spring.

I KNOW. It’s baffling that a trend that’s been around for what seems like the Victorian era is back to stake its claim on both the runway and our wardrobes. I, for one, am shocked.

But unlike the chiffon feelings of 2011-present (respectively), this spring we’re seeing sheer shirts, tops, dresses, and everything else. Everything is sheer. (Even our hearts.) Let me explain.

Delpozo set the standard this S/S with a fairytale vibe (seriously: sheer dresses and jewels), while Antonio Berardi followed suit with flowing, transluscent skirts and even more gems. Meanwhile, Haider Ackermann kept it light (in both material and style) this season too, and Manish Arora rounded out the fairytale power-quad with sheer skirts, embellishments, and sherbert tones.

And that’s just one level of sheer-y goodness. (That’s a thing, right?) Dolce & Gabbana opted for drama with black skirts and red floral accents, Balmain went neutral, and Valentino threw some shade, too. Then, in opposite land, Tome went white, Ports did the same, and Chanel paired sheer with metallics because why wouldn’t they?

What I’m saying is that sheer is everywhere, and we might be cloaked under it right now and not even really know. So would I wear it?

This gets a big, old it depends. On what? On everything. For me, I’m just not confident enough to wear a sheer top without a tank underneath. I’m just not there. It isn’t me. (But if it’s you? Go for it! Dare to dream! Never look back!) So I guess the answer is more “would I wear sheer?” and “what would I wear sheer with?” A top underneath a sheer overlay, yes. A bra underneath a sheer top, sorry everyone, but I am just too square.

That said, I’d wear a sheer skirt (with tights, duh), and I’d pick up that metallic/sheer Chanel dress (or a much, much cheaper imposter) in a heartbeat, because it’s beautiful. It’s all beautiful. Sheer is lovely, and it is delicate, and I think that’s why I’m so torn. (Literally torn because I would 100% tear a beautiful sheer skirt since I can’t even put on a hoodie without getting makeup all over it.) Anyone can wear sheer, but if it’s not your typical M.O., it’s just going to make you feel weird. Like me: I look at these beautiful pieces, and I think “unless I am going to a wedding, then no thank you — I will feel weird.”

But I have friends who can wear the shit out of sheer and feel powerful and great. If that is you, go forth! But this is me, and to sheer I say . . . well it depends: where am I going, and can I wear a tank top too?

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