Where to Buy Jeggings This Season

It seems that no matter where you turn, jeggings are out in full force.  And while their saturation implies their availability everywhere, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair “ let alone a decent retailer that promises both quality and trendiness.  That’s why we’ve come up with the ultimate go-to for the best jeggings and where to get them, so your days of endless searching can finally come to a close.

H & M

The European retailer is no secret to those of us who can’t afford the biggest trends at designer prices, and like the rest of their products that maintain both quality and hipness, H & M’s jegging selection is beyond up to par.  Offering the season’s hottest bottoms at affordable prices, their jeggings come in either the standard style (read: denim-infused leggings) or the newer version of higher waists, sturdier fabric and full pockets.

American Eagle

Previously the go-to for the preppy varsity look, American Eagle has evolved into a hot spot for budget-conscious fashionistas, and like the rest of their diverse and impressive denim selection, the chain’s supply of jeggings is without reproach.  While they don’t so much cater to the cotton-oriented legging bottom, their variety of structured jeggings comes in different colours, shades and styles “ including a military-themed cargo jegging that adds a whole new edge to an already fashion-forward look.


The essential chain for all things fashion-forward, Topshop has not only provided an impressive array of jeggings styles, but included the mini jegging: a cropped take on a year-round look.  And while their prices may be geared less towards a student budget, their quality and reputation has helped establish their chain as a beacon of hope in the midst of a seas of retailers.  Meaning?  You’ll get what you pay for, and  boast the credibility of a UK staple.

Urban Outfitters

Few things define with it like Urban Outfitters, so it’s no surprise that the metropolitan-oriented chain has abandoned the term jegging for pull-on denim legging.  However, don’t let the name throw you “ their selection is on the same wavelength as Topshop and H & M, but geared more towards those literally in favour of denim leggings.  Ideal with their roster of oversize tops, sweaters and vintage tees, these bottoms are perfect for slouchy ankle boots or anything else casually cool.

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