Adidas Originals Re-Launches Gazelle with Kate Moss

New campaign alert! Adidas Originals is celebrating the re-launch of Gazelle by collaborating with artist Doug Abraham (aka @bessynyc4) and featuring — wait for it — Kate Moss. (The nineties are back and also never really went anywhere.)

The campaign is a “hacked” image of Moss from 1993 in which she’s wearing Gazelles, but is re-appropriated to contain new imagery. (Basically, it’s kind of like a collage. And it’s great.)

“With the re-launch of Gazelle, we looked to the original cultural references that defined the authenticity of the style,” explained Nic Galway, VP of Global Design, Adidas Originals. “Kate Moss has always had a connection to the Adidas Originals brand and her affection for Gazelle during the ’90s is a testament to the ways the silhouette has been adopted into style and pop culture.”

To which Kate Moss added:

“Gazelles were the trainer we all wore in the ’90s. They have a timeless look that just doesn’t date. I was and always have been an Adidas girl.”

Same, Kate Moss. Same.

Which is why, regardless of how hot it’s been, I’ve been wearing trainers like a nineties model as if I’m not seconds away from overheating. AKA a thing a nineties model would never, ever do.

Even if we’re all wearing overalls.

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