The Best Bikini for Your Bum

Let’s all just admit it, we’re kind of obsessed with butts right now. Kim K and Iggy and all them other fine-booty ladies have left us with a lot to live up too (and we literally mean a lot). So aside from doing a bijillion squats from now until the time you step out on the beach this summer, how can you best emphasize your backside this summer? Why with the right bikini bottoms, of course¦

If you’ve got a flat booty¦

The busier the bottoms the better. By utilizing patterns, prints, stripes or details like ruffles, you will create the illusion that there is more going on back there than there really is. Desperately want to go with a solid? Try white, it does the opposite of the always slimming black.


If you’ve got a tiny booty¦

No one understands the struggle of a petite woman, especially when it comes to buying a swimsuit. Keep your eyes peeling for string tie swimsuits that allow you to achieve a tighter fit and stretchable materials that will better cling to your girlie bits in a way that’s best for you.


If you’ve got wide hips¦

Trust us, we know, those hips don’t lie¦and they sure as heck don’t like to hide under a swimsuit (and they shouldn’t!) Bigger hipped girls benefit from solid swimsuits without much or any detailing. Try and choose a higher leg cut which will draw attention down to your legs and away from your hips.


If you’ve got a round booty¦

Blessed are you, round bottom girls¦you will look good in just about any bikini style you want. However, it doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll be comfortable in. Girls who want to hide a little of their lady lumps can opt for fuller coverage swim bottoms (or even a skirt) in dark colours or prints to distract and attract!

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