What to Wear to Your Holiday Office Party

The holiday parties are looming, and with the celebrations come the what do I wear? conundrums. But before you pick up the first thing you see, we’ve got some tips for office party-appropriate dresses and what kinds may work for you.

Dress type #1: Skirt and blouse
We admit it: we’re kind of breaking our own rules already. But before you think you can just wear your 9 to 5 look to the office Christmas party (unless your party is during office hours during the work week), remember that it’s possible to dress up a pencil skirt and silk button-up and pass it off as a holiday dress. Provided you accessorize through an arm party (thank you, Man Repeller) and a necklace big enough to make a statement, it’s easy to take a skirt and blouse from day-to-night “ which will also be easy on the budget.

Dress type #2: Strapless
There are two things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of ditching straps for the office soiree: 1) if you’re going strapless, you need to keep your skirt reasonably long and 2) avoid plunging necklines. Channeling your inner exhibitionist isn’t the first way to impress your bosses and superiors, so by keeping your skirt length at knee or ankle length (after all, the ˜70s are back), you’re cancelling out the scandalous factor and keeping yourself classy.

Dress type #3: The mini
Believe it or not, it’s possible to go short for the office party provided you don tights and avoid pouring yourself into any style. Odds are that your event isn’t going to be held at a nightclub (and even if it is, be smart), so if you’re hoping to showcase your legs, do so with a ˜60s-insired mini that won’t show off every curve. After all, the holidays are supposed to be fun. So to keep your look less Saturday night and more sipping drinks with fellow coworkers, opt for a sparkly or printed number to keep things light and festive.

Dress type #4: Anything sheer
Yes, you can do it “ your holiday office party dress can be sheer. But before you pick up some lingerie that will look good under a lace top, remember that sheer doesn’t have to mean out of control. If your heart’s set on lace, opt for a style with lace sleeves as opposed to a dress you can see through “ or if you want a dress that evokes one of the season’s biggest trends, invest in something to wear underneath so that you’re not giving everyone a glimpse of what you’re wearing under your business casual every day.

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