What Does it Mean to be Stylish?

You can be fashionable, trendy, and on-point “ but what does it mean to dress stylish? Luckily, it’s easier than going out and purchasing a new wardrobe every season, so instead of letting you worry about what’s in and what’s not, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks for dressing stylish year-round.

Tip #1: Know what suits you

Fashion begins with common sense, and if you know what suits your body type and what looks good on, you’re further ahead than the countless shoppers who go for what’s being pushed as the it-item. For example, you may feel comfortable and look best with a defined waist; so instead of donning a 1920s-inspired flapper gown, stick to a well-fitted blouse, knee-length skirt and splurge on a vintage hat reminiscent of the era.

Tip #2: Avoid being trendy

Trendy is a difficult word. We hear it tossed around regularly yet being trendy often results in not having a distinct sense of style (as well as spending too much money at chains that specialize in more disposable fashion). So when perusing through magazines, websites and ogling designer-wear, find a few key pieces you can incorporate along with your staples. That way, you’ll keep your look current without eclipsing yourself in too many looks.

Tip #3: Anchor with a neutral

There’s been a push for bright colours this year, and while we’re in total support of the full spectrum, it’s important to balance that brightness with neutrals like a pair of jeans, a crisp white button-up blouse or even a black leather bomber. Certain shades and pieces are never out of fashion, so to keep dressing stylish, try your hand at a midi skirt or bright blazer “ with black cigarette pants or a plain grey t-shirt.

Tip #4: Accessorize

It can be a daunting task, dressing stylish. So if you’re not ready to stray from the jeans and t-shirt combination, try dressing them up with necklaces, bracelets (lots of them), wedges or an embellished clutch. There’s a reason we stick to what we know “ and our comfortable with “ but to prevent being in a fashion rut, have fun with accessories. Not only will you add some much-needed personality to your style, you’ll likely be more comfortable to experiment with statement gloves, hats and even jackets as time progresses.

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