What to Wear with Leggings or Jeggings

Nearly five years ago, most of us rolled our eyes at the return of leggings, citing them as a desperate retro comeback that couldn’t possibly work with our wardrobes consisting of low-rise flares and v-neck cable knits. Fast forward to 2010, and the jeggings debate continues, with the controversial bottoms being compared to our (now) staple leggings and tried-and-true skinny jeans. So the real question of the hour is: leggings or jeggings? Well, worry not “ we’re answering for you.

What: Oversize sweaters
Leggings or Jeggings? Both
When we say oversize, we’re referring to sweaters and sweatshirts that go below the bum, while slouchy Bill Cosby-inspired pieces sit at the waistline. So if you’re set to rock jeggings with pockets and a fly, abide by the rules of jeans to avoid looking frumpy, and opt out of anything cut below your hips. However, if your jeggings are pocket-less, you’re still in the safe zone. Meaning? Like the cotton leggings we now see as pivotal to comfort on snowy days, they’re meant to be worn with the likes of oversized sweaters, and look especially great paired with work socks and ankle boots.

What: Waist coats
Leggings or Jeggings? Jeggings
Since many of this season’s statement jackets are cut at the waist, to wear them with an oversize shirt is almost as bad as wearing them with pocket-less leggings “ almost. No matter how great you think your bum looks, nobody wants to see it outlined in spandex splendour, so if you’re wearing anything cut above the hip, stick to jeggings with pockets or detail to avoid looking like you stepped out of yoga class (unless, of course, you did).

What: Shirt dresses/Oversize dress shirts
Leggings or Jeggings? Both
Depending on the length of your shirt dress, you may be able to get away with wearing tights, but if you’re questioning whether something’s office or Sunday afternoon appropriate, you may want to take the leggings route to avoid the eternal where are your pants? questions. But jegging and shirt dresses? Not exactly a match made in heaven.
However, if you’re embracing the 90s with an oversize shirt (worn open with a tank or tee), jeggings are your best bet since nothing works with flannel or plaid like denim and ankle boots. You can also button up a dress shirt and use a belt to define your waist “ or wear it loose-fitting and let your jeggings be your focal point.

What: Blouses
Leggings or Jeggings? Jeggings
Staying true to this season’s infatuation with 1950s inspiration, detailed blouses embellished with lace, ruffle or a delicate pattern are making their way into closets vintage aficionados and non-Mad Men fans alike.  But regardless of your need for comfort, opting out of the standard legging is key. Now that jeggings have adapted to suit the high-waisted needs of the population’s majority, you can use them to balance the delicacy of a blouse without appearing mismatched. Of course, if your jeggings are pocket-free with an elastic waistband, opt out “ the last thing you want is a sheer top giving away the equivalent of stretchy pants.

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