What to Wear to a A Fall Wedding

With a new season comes the inevitable wedding invitations, and while certain dresses transition perfectly from season to season, certain looks do better in autumn than they do in spring. So to keep you looking your best from the vows to the speeches, here are the best dresses for a fall wedding and how to make them work for you.

Since young couples have begun to focus less on extravagance and more on planning weddings that adhere to a reasonable budget, the necessity for super-dressy ensembles has plummeted along with black and pink bridesmaids’ gowns. Luckily, this season, day-to-day wear can be stepped up for fall weddings as form-fitting pencil skirts are paired with silk or lace button-ups (worn with embellished camisoles), or simple neutral-toned slip dresses are worn with blazers and tights to keep an aesthetic low-key. However, if you’re worried about looking too casual, accessorize with necklaces or an oversize ring to help tie your ensemble together and add necessary dimension.
Jonathan Saunders Fall 2011 

The dress code of most weddings, the typical semi-formal aesthetic is the easiest to abide by, but also the most confusing. True, you can wear a wrap dress or a silhouette hugging ˜60s-inspired look, but is it safe to wear just a skirt and a blouse?  To keep it simple, use a semi-formal wedding as an excuse to treat yourself (while using logic): a black A-line dress will not only give you a chance to step up your wardrobe, but you’ll also likely wear it again.

Luckily, for fall weddings you’re not necessarily inclined to abide by an autumn colour spectrum. Yes, a brown or burgundy knee-length tube dress will keep you seasonally appropriate, but a strapless boddess with an embellished skirt (with lace, chiffon or even flower effects) is a playful interpretation of fall without trying to show up the wedding party.
Prada Fall 2011 

Black Tie 
And they say prom only happens once. Thanks to theme weddings “ or even those revolving around cocktail receptions and several course meals, it’s possible to attend formal events that call for full-length dresses or those on par with designers’ visions. If on the receiving end of a black tie invite, let your imagination soar with dresses based around Elie Saab’s couture collection (ultra-feminine, fairytale-inspired designs), or those that embrace Fall 2011’s infatuation with red. Gucci and Marchese both showcased bold, commanding scarlet-toned dresses this season, and paired with black pumps and loose waves, you’ll bring new meaning (and new life) to the black tie concept.

Elie Saab Fall 2011

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