What Swag are Celebrities Taking Home from TIFF?

Isn’t it ironic that when you finally make it and have enough money to spend on nice things, that is when you start getting everything for free? Keira Knightley was quoted in a Glamour interview saying that she lives on only $50,000 a year. Easy to do when you rarely have to shell out any cash for clothes and accessories. In order to fully understand the celebrity swag experience, we hit up a couple of the Toronto International Film Festival gift lounges to see what goodies the stars will be taking home.

EGPR’s TIFF 2014 Essentials Lounge (Gift bag/services valued at $1,700)

What makes this lounge unique is that not only are you getting armfuls of swag, they also have beauty services to help you get red carpet ready. No need to book hair or spa appointments, or fly out your glam squad, this lounge has you covered.

The brand partners include local artisanal café©, Balzac’s Coffee to help boost your energy before a day full of interviews; Calvin Klein Underwear, because, well, obviously; Micro-Pedi, an innovative pedicure device that removes dry, calloused skin on your feel because that’s not cute on a red carpet; Rockport, who make the most comfortable heels you’ll ever wear; Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Artists Joey Marchese and Ross Jurenas, giving everyone glam hairdos; SkinCeuticals’ brand experts giving consultations and facials; tarte Cosmetics, providing makeup touch-ups; The Good Press, offering delicious juices for those not eating solids (got to fit in that designer gown!);  Winks, a Lash n’ Dash station, offering guests glam lashes and perfectly sculpted brows.

Tastemakers Lounge Presented by Brita (Gift bag valued at $1,700)

This lounge is the ultimate when it comes to awesome swag. The lounge has been at TIFF for ten years! Celebrities leave with almost $2,000 worth of goodies, many from local Canadian brands.

Their title sponsor, Brita, gift their filtered water bottles; LUSH cosmetics is the lounge’s charitable partner, and they are asking each celebrity sign an oversized Charity Pot that will be auctioned off and proceeds will go toward their initiative which donates to programs like Girls Rock Camp Toronto and Children’s Peace Theatre; Sorel, everyone’s favourite snow boots, give each visitor a pair from their fall 2014 collection; Danier, Canada’s heritage leather brand, is on site gifting handbags and accessories; Piloti, the racing-inspired footwear brand, are on-hand fitting all the male talent with a pair of driving shoes; Tonia DeBellis is gifting guests with her luxury Haute Hoodies; one of our favourite items is the RISE Jumper carry-on bag, a piece of luggage that turns into a shelving system, keeping all your clothes organized while jet-setting around the globe; Olive + Piper, a Vancouver-based accessory company, give the stars their statement pendant necklace; Papa D’s Tropical Hot Sawce, Counting Sheep Coffee, Consonant Skincare and Calvin Klein perfumes are also part of this epic gift bag. 

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