Wearing Florals in Winter

With bulky overcoats, heavy fabrics and the season’s infatuation with sweaters, you may think wearing florals before March is a legitimate fashion don’t. However, paired with blazers, denim or even worn in winter context, florals have just as much place in February as they do in April “ provided that the likes of crop-tops and sheer blouses might do better come May or June. Here’s how to wear florals in the winter, and how to stay warm doing it. 


Overcoats aside, the key to getting away with spring looks before the snow melts is to pair them with winter-friendly fabrics that can anchor items otherwise deemed season inappropriate. If you’re hoping to wear that floral mini-dress before the May long weekend, it’s best to pair it with tights, socks, ankle boots, and a leather bomber to prevent being both ill-prepared and too eager. The same rule applies to button-ups that require both a t-shirt underneath and an oversize cardigan; spring might be just around the corner, but there’s still a few snowstorms left.

Staying Neutral

Neon is in, the 70s have made a comeback, but until spring officially makes its entrance, you may want to stay relatively neutral until rain has replaced Alberta clippers. Can you wear colour? Absolutely. But while you may be tempted to bust out the dynamic shades synonymous with flowers and sunshine, until winter officially subsides, pair your brights with the likes of denim, khaki or black to prevent going overboard. The upside? Khaki and denim are big for spring, so if you’re keen to channel the upcoming season, you can do so while wearing shades still winter appropriate. 


We hate to say it, but it’s too soon to wear the floral sundress you normally don for Easter brunch. However, you can easily infuse florals into your existing wardrobe with the likes of tights and accessories, provided you’re not attempting to wear something summer-esque with a heavy jacket and winter boots. Floral print tights are not only great for a transitional piece, but can offer a reprieve from the blah factor of winter wear (especially when paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt), while a headband or necklace can add some flair to an ensemble in need of excitement (like a white button up and a pleated cord skirt).

Season Appropriate

Of course, if you’re already inclined to wear florals regardless of season, you understand the importance of opting for the right fabric and staying covered. Knee socks may be in, but shy away from showing leg in a floral skirt until you no longer need to wear mittens. And instead of donning a free-flowing blouse or ankle-length dress in the spirit of spring 2011, opt for a style more structured, sturdy and knee-length. After all, since 50s and 60s silhouettes were in-demand this winter, it’s still safe to channel the simple lines and clean cuts that made those decades classic.

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