Are You Playing It Too Cool?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Dickens’ words of wisdom fit right in at the rollercoaster beginning of a relationship. There’s the giddy high with all of your firsts. But then there’s a dip when he mentions his ex, or a cryptic text that throws you for a loop. Read on for our extremes to avoid and you’ll be halfway to mastering a smooth ride.

Uncool: Buying a cell phone belt clip to ensure you never miss a text.
Too cool: Painting your nails every time he texts you to delay your reply.

Uncool: Describing your dream wedding place settings because he complimented your kitschy mismatched dishes.
Too cool: Pretending they’re mismatched because each was left by an ex to try to make him jealous.

Uncool: Hitting up the spa, salon and his mother’s house to prepare for your first date.
Too cool: Rolling out of bed two minutes prior to your first date because you don’t have to impress him.

Uncool: Taking a leave of absence so you can spend every waking moment staring into each other’s eyes.
Too cool: Purposely scheduling overtime and late meetings on date nights to test his commitment.

Uncool: Rattling off the names of the children you’ll have together because he smiled at the kid sitting at the next table.
Too cool: Refusing to discuss the prospect of having children together ¦ even after you’re married and already three months prego.

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