Warm Up Your Fall Look With Rose Gold

Summer is over you guys. I think I am just processing this now as I layer on another sweater and my sandals move further and further to the bottom of my shoe pile (seriously, is there another way to store shoes other than in a pile? I haven’t found one that works for me).

With fall in full force, the weather is getting cooler and the colours are getting warmer. The earthy tones of fall are showing up everywhere and the crazy brights of summer are naturally starting to move deeper into your closet. If you still like to keep that little bit of snazzy sparkle in your look, then the key is to start warming up your metallics. A little hit of rose gold in your outfit will take your warm fall outfit over the top, without relying on those summer brights we have all gotten so used to.

Keep some of the fun in your look while still keeping your outfit in the now with these five rose gold accents.

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Jenny Bird Collins Ave. Choker ($95)


Jenny Bird is a Toronto-based jewelry designer whose pieces are simple with a bit of an edge. I don’t know if you have noticed, but chokers are back (jk, obvs you have noticed they are literally everywhere including in your dreams, probably). This one isn’t your regular ’90s velvet choker, though. The rose gold Collins Ave. Choker by Jenny Bird is a super fun way to work this trend into your day-to-day wardrobe.

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