Want to Get Your Street Style Photographed?

The street style section of many magazines and fashion blogs is always inspiring because it shows what real people on the streets (as opposed to models on a runway) are wearing. There are thousands of fashion bloggers and countless magazines in every city, just waiting to take pictures of stylish people. But who are these people, and how is that they are the chosen ones to be photographed? Here are some helpful tips to make sure that you are the one getting your picture taken.

Dress on trend. It’s important to know the hot trends of the season, and to look for ways to emulate them. This year’s big trends on the runway are long skirts and colour blocking. So can you guess what’s all over the street style blogs? Take a trend and add your own personal flair to it. But try not to copy every detail of an outfit you have seen “ that’s outfit plagiarism. It’s also important not to go overboard when it comes to trends, pick one or two to work with. Packing too many trends into one outfit can make it look busy and confused.

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The clothes are only half the battle. What really makes an outfit stand out is how you accessorize it. Fashion photographers pay a lot of attention to unique and eye-catching shoes and bags (and you need not worry about matching the two). Then, layer on some bracelets or necklaces, wear a trendy hat, or even throw on a bow tie (yes ladies, a bow tie). It’s a group effort; so don’t put so much pressure on just the clothes.

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Be daring.
 Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone a little bit, that’s what will really get you noticed. Break those traditional and tired fashion rules. Wear brown and black together, wear socks and sandals, dress for the wrong season, mix patterns and textures, and wear lots of layers. It’s all about being expressive and creating something unique. Maybe it won’t be the kind of outfit you would wear to your grandparent’s house, but the bloggers and photographers will love it.

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 Now that you have the outfit, make sure to wear it with confidence. Even if you are wearing a bird on your head and people are staring, act like you are totally comfortable and blasé©. People will look at you and think, I wish I could pull off something like that. This may seem a bit trite, but photographers will be more likely to notice you if you look like you are important and in a hurry. So walk quickly and don’t look for photographers, they will find you. It’s the fashion equivalent to playing hard to get.

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And remember, getting street styled is a daytime activity, so don’t save all your best outfits for the nightlife. Good luck!

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