Unforgiving Fashion Trends To Avoid In 2019

As we end the first quarter of the year, fashion trends are being dictated for the year. While micro purses, pink hues, power suits and oversized blazers will still dominate the year, there are some trends that have overstayed their welcome. Here’s a few trends that are about to bid Au Revoir.

Not Happening: Head-to-Toe Neon 
Head to toe neon looks need to go. We won’t be seeing much of the florescent shades this year. Instead, a mixed palette of bright pinks, orange and pastels will be floating around.

Photo Credit: instagram.com/kyliejenner/

Thank You, Next: Biker Shorts
Um, no. No. No. No. It’s not flattering, Kim K. We don’t get this trend, do you? Thank you, Next.

Photo Credit: instagram.com/kimkardashian

All the Shade: Micro Shades
We’re not throwing shade (pun intended) at the tiny sunglasses trend that RiRi can clearly pull it off in style, but protect your eyes please and opt for something more practical and trendy.

Clear Handbags
Clear handbags were big last year, but they might be fading away this year. Instead, the micro purses have started to gain momentum. Not sure why, but it’s coming.

Photo Credit: instagram.com/arianagrande/

Chunky Sneakers
Dad sneakers were a big trend and even if stars splurge on these, it doesn’t mean you should too. It’s time to leave behind this fashun statement.

Photo Credit: instagram.com/traceeellisross/

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