Alexa Chung Is Launching Her Own Label (FINALLY)

Well, it only took 84 years, but Alexa Chung is finally doing it: girlfriend is launching her own label — Alexachung — because it makes goddamn sense.

Chung will serve as the creative director (obviously), and the line is described as being contemporary and ready-to-wear. It’ll also hit shelves in May 2017.

“I feel as though I’m kind of prepared to do it now,” she told Business of Fashion. “If it had been anytime sooner than this, I either wouldn’t be responsible enough or have been able to take on this kind of feat.”

Which makes sense! Also the 32-year-old has also had her fair share of practice: less we forget that she’s designed collections for Marks & Spencer, AG Jeans, and Madewell, so the woman obviously knows what she’s doing. Thus, it was time to spread her wings and fly.

“I just wanted the freedom to sort of make my own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief to stick to,” she explained. “That was so fun, but there are certain boundaries that come with doing something on behalf of someone else, you kind of have to keep within their design remit.”

So this is how it’s going to go down: BoF reports that Chung will oversee a six-person design team who hail from luxury fashion houses, but also music and art worlds. Edwin Bodson — formerly of Haider Ackermann — has been appointed managing editor, and he previously oversaw commercial and product development for the Haider Ackermann’s womenswear pre-collections and its e-commerce offerings. So obviously Chung’s label is in good hands.

“I see this being the culmination of a lot of hard work for a decade and this being the resting place for all of those ideas and to continue kind of developing and growing that, just in this one home base space,” she continued. “Also I feel like I need to get it up and running whilst I’m still young enough to have the energy and still be in touch with pop culture enough to make something that is actually relevant to the audience today.”

So think: young, hip, relevant, and cool, as well as probably all other words we’d use to describe the style of Vogue’s contributing editor. And like, I know it’s July (and we are all basking in this beautiful summer glow), but suddenly I can’t wait for May and I don’t care who knows it.

Let’s all wear Peter Pan collars. (Those are still a thing, right?)

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