The Ultimate Sneaker Guide

Throughout history, women’s feet have been subjected to all sorts of pain, to the point where many of us have seized to feel anything at all. However, sometime over the past year or two, the tides turned. Influencers and celebrities alike traded in their Choos for Chucks, and Adidas Stan Smiths became a heavy hitter on runways.


We’re not sure how exactly it happened – it’s a lot like the mystery of the chicken and the egg. Did women, through their unspoken bond, collectively decide enough was enough and ditch their stilettos for sneakers? Or did designers finally have mercy on us and begin to push this trend on to runways? You decide. Whatever the reason may be, we couldn’t be happier.

Aside from the sacrificial stiletto ceremony we held to ring in The Age of Sporty Chic (kidding), we’ve also compiled a sneaker guide to help you find one that’s right for you.

Adidas Stan Smith, $120


We have a theory that Adidas has been the pioneer of effortless chic all along. If you’re looking to emulate that Parisian Je ne sais quoi, you should already have a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths in your shoe shelf closet.

White Chuck Taylors, $60


Chances are you already own a pair of Chucks, so it’s high time to dust them off. If only your 15 year old Sum 41 loving self could see you now. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Bart Leather sneakers, $480

step0001Over the past two decades, Isabel Marant has become synonymous to an easy and cool lifestyle. You know those girls that have style down to such a tee that they have you convinced that you’re doing it all wrong? Yea, those girls all wear Isabel Marant, and the Etoile Bart Leather Sneaker is the cornerstone of their enviable wardrobe.

Keds Back to Basics Sneakers, $49.45


We can all learn a lesson or two from Marissa Cooper. First, stay away from thieving vandals, and second, Keds are always a good idea. The Back To Basics Sneaker reminds us of an uncomplicated time when we would watch the OC and fantasize about having a relationship as perfect as Summer and Seth’s.

Marc Jacobs Fringed Low Top Sneaker, $368.28

step0001 (1)

Leave it to Marc Jacobs to put two of the season’s biggest trends together into one highly-coveted super sneaker. Get your hands on these babies STAT.

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