The Top 10 Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

Ah celebrities, we all love/hate said human unicorns, and yet, we can’t help but look to them for style inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you think Kim Kardashian is everything that is wrong with the world, because girl knows how to rock a monochrome outfit and you totally want to cop her look. While we love observing individual celeb style, let’s admit that two stylish stars are better than one, and that although it’s completely impractical to walk hip to hip, you do it anyway because you just saw one such picture of a celeb and got major #CoupleGoals.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

We thought it was statistically impossible for Olivia Palermo to find someone who matched her in both looks and sartorial skill. We were wrong.


Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

The human gazelle that is Behati Prinsloo and her Maroon 5 frontman beau certainly know how to bring it on a red carpet. As for off duty style, they make the list despite their love for hoodies just because they are SO FREAKING ADORABLE.


David and Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams are the Jedi Masters of personal branding. Victoria has established herself as a bonafide designer while David’s suit game is too strong (not that we would mind seeing him in his boxer briefs all the time a la H&M campaign). Oh and did we mention that their son Romeo Beckham recently starred in a Burberry campaign?


Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi

The fashionable duo are the dictionary definition of a power couple. Since they already have the fashion world proverbially on their knees, the only thing left is for them to do is take over the world¦ all while looking impossibly chic.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

There was once a time, long before her Vogue covers and selfies with Olivier Rousteing, when Kim Kardashian smiled on red carpets, loved body con, and swore by satin dresses. ‘Twas a simpler time. Thanks to Kanye West, a.k.a. her unofficial stylist, those days are gone. The pattern loving Kim Kardashian has since been replaced by a monochrome maven. Now with Kanye by her side, the duo have officially made their mark as fashion royalty.


George and Amal Clooney

There was a sudden spike in Ben & Jerry’s sales last year when women around the world collectively cried into tubs of ice cream as George Clooney married lawyer and general superhuman Amal Alamuddin. Since then, the pair has captivated us time and again with their impeccable style.


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

It happened. The universe somehow brought the two most beautiful people in the world together and had them produce a child who is at enough of a genetic advantage to be considered a mutant. But these two aren’t just pretty faces. They’ve consistently proved their sartorial prowess through the years. Gossip Girl star turned Chanel muse Blake Lively constantly impresses with her effortless California style, and there isn’t a time that Reynolds hasn’t brought his A game on a red carpet.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

These two get the award for most fashionable AND most adorable couple.


Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about Joe Jonas is his mastery over mens fashion and reputation of dating It Girls. However, his current girlfriend is no regular It Girl. Gigi Hadid is a force to be reckoned in the fashion world and we have a hunch that she’s not forfeiting her reign anytime soon. Don’t believe us? Find one fashion/pop culture website that doesn’t mention Gigi’s off-duty style on their homepage. Go on, we dare you.


Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

There are no words to describe how utterly cool these two are.


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