Sunglasses Styles To Look For This Season

While sunglasses are an essential year-round piece, summer 2012‘s sunglasses styles represent the season’s infatuation with past eras and vintage-inspired themes. See what sunglasses styles you can adopt for this summer, and how to pair them with the season’s biggest trends.

1. Round and oversized
Oversized sunglasses styles have become an accessory staple, especially thanks to the likes of Stella McCartney who featured ˜70s-inspired shades in her collection this season. Working alongside bohemian-esque maxi dresses and pleated shorts and blazers, the retro look can add a kick to same-old everyday business wear, or capitalize on the clean lines featured in vintage-inspired collections this season (like pleats and blouses). However, avoid them if you’ve got a rounder face shape, since rounder lenses can make your face seem wide. Stella McCartney, US$225

Oversized Sunglasses

2. Wayfarers
There’s a reason Ray Bans have maintained their longevity, and sunglasses styles in summer 2012 doesn’t see that change. The quintessential summer piece, they evoke the early ˜60s vibe while adding an edge to suits, shift dresses and pencil skirts. Featured in countless colours and prints, this sunglass style can work for everyone, and thanks to their wider length and width, they complement nearly every face shape on almost any occasion. Ray-Ban, $160

Wayfarer sunglasses

3. Cat’s eyes
Everything old is new again, and sunglasses styles couldn’t be stronger proof of that. This summer, cat’s eyes re-appeared with intensity, as designers like Nicole Richie elaborated on the age-old favourite. Featured in neutrals, pastels and even vivid colours (we’re looking at you, Holloway), they work alongside simple staple pieces and help keep personal and professional styles interesting. Just don’t be afraid to wear them daily: while the old-school look may seem like a novelty, you can pair them with almost any piece to give your outfit a much-needed kick. (But remember to ask about UV protection when shopping vintage.) House of Harlow, $135

Cat eye sunglasses

Sympatico Image


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