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Everyone loves wearing a print pattern every once in a while, but the idea of mixing two different prints can either be a fashion dream or nightmare. Lace, stripes, leopard and floral “ the combinations are endless when it comes to this year’s summer fashion. But mixing patterns doesn’t have to be a fashion survivor event, and with fashionistas like Jessica Alba and Whitney Port showing us that the style trend is possible (and really fun!), you can also get fashionably mismatched with your outfit. Here are four useful styling tips that will get you mixing your prints like a pro.

1. Stick to the same fabric and texture
Silk with silk and cotton with cotton “ that is the styling advice from Beyonce’s little sister Solange Knowles when she was asked by Glamour on how she wear prints, and this advice makes absolute sense when trying the trend for the first time. When pairing prints together, whether they are both completely different, sticking to the same material of clothing will make your style approach look a little more unified in terms of its texture. Pairing two different types of fabric will take the attention off your masterpiece outfit and put all the focus on how un-texturally balanced it appears. But just like the freeness of mixing prints “ there is no rule that says you can’t mix textures or fabrics, just be sure to balance out the textures.

2. Balance it out “ proportionally speaking
Similar to balancing out the fabric, prints need to also be balanced out. Don’t just throw together a striped top and bottom with the same pattern and call it day.  Try and mix prints based on the type of style or look you’re trying to achieve and consider colours and details. For example, pairing a white see-thru lace top with detailed embroidery and a colourful floral skirt are the perfect print balance because you’re wearing both the colours and shades with the prints and details of each clothing item.

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3. Get playful with your prints
Who doesn’t like to add a little fun to their wardrobe? Mixing patterns is all about using pairing prints that you would otherwise never put together. So go ahead and wear the blue leopard printed jeans with a black polka dot green shirt or a tweed brown pencil skirt with a silk floral blouse. A simple way to start practicing your mixing abilities is to invest in pieces that have different patterns on it “ like polka dots, skinny stripes, abstract shape “ and pair with more subtle pattern pieces that are toned down.

4. Be daring and confident
Although all of the above tips are a good starting point, mixing prints and patterns requires boldness and confidence that only you are capable of showing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when trying the trend and mark your mishaps as a fashion learning opportunity that will get you more comfortable and closer to embracing prints.

Photo credit: Feeling Tribal and FlowerPowrr | Lookbook.nu

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