Style Lessons to Learn From Kate Middleton

It’s safe to say we all aspire to follow the footsteps of destined princess, Kate Middleton. Although this bride-to-be doesn’t come from royalty, you wouldn’t know it with her natural grace and sporty elegance. As much as we too wish to be engaged to heir heartthrob, Prince William, there are other aspects in Kate’s life that are far more realistic to achieve. So drop a curtsy to your inner royalty, and learn how to look like a princess:

A Classy Sport
In her younger years, Kate played field hockey and was a cross-country runner. After being spotted on a skiing holiday in Klosters, Switzerland with Prince William in 2004, it’s clear her sporty nature isn’t being pushed away any time soon. So take after this royal icon (who, as we can all imagine, must have quite the demanding lifestyle!), and find time to explore the great outdoors. Style isn’t just about the clothes you wear, but rather your overall persona. So if you think you’re fit to be a princess, strap on those runners, and literally get fit.

While some may argue that Kate’s fashion style is a little too simplistic, her elegant attire is anything but plain. With her knee length dresses and chic feathered hats, she appears to be a fresh breath of royal air. Although we shouldn’t disregard the latest trends of the season, take advice from Kate, and don’t over-think your look. A classic, conventional appearance is ever so sophisticated, and will never leave the style limelight.

Bold Colours
This new princess knows how to turn heads- or flash cameras -without wearing more than an overcoat. The reason? She knows a statement piece when she sees one. In December of 2006, Kate attended the Sovereign’s Parade at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, where William graduated as an officer. While everyone else was spotted wearing black, Kate stood out in deep red peacoat, complemented by black adornments. So take it from this first-class noblewoman, and don’t overstate your look. Instead, search for a timeless clothing piece that is sure to attract attention.

Coordination is Key
For Kate, coordination reaches far beyond her harmonious outfits. From her seemingly faultless relationship with the Prince to her ladylike etiquette, her matching attire appears to represent her balanced lifestyle. As we can learn from Kate, dress in a way that suits your lifestyle. Style isn’t merely about what outfit is in this season, but rather how that piece of clothing personifies your interests, culture, and beliefs.

Brand Yourself
In 2009, Kate demonstrated her sharp eye for colour combining, at the wedding of Nicholas Van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton. Kate wore a dress by designer Daliella Issa Helayel, accompanied with a magenta-blue patterned coat. While this soon-to-be princess likes high street fashion, this particular designer, known as Issa, is said to be her favourite. She chose to wear a blue Issa dress for her engagement announcement with the Prince. So follow Kate’s garment picks, and search for a designer (or clothing brand) that suits you best.

Simple Accessories
From the many photographs of Kate that have recently surfaced, not once has she been spotted wearing any profound jewelry. Instead, Kate accessorizes her outfits in a simplistic manner, wearing long socks and thick leather belts. With her effortlessly elegant clothing choices, she demonstrates that you don’t need bangles or trinkets to look the part – that is, aside from her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Already, fashionistas from across the globe are bowing down to Kate’s unique and elegant style. As the Royal Wedding date draws closer, it seems she’ll continue to catch the publics’ attention, as her stylish flair will always be admired.

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