Standout Jewellery for Spring

The sky’s still in shades of gray, but this spring is all about shades of blue “ and not just on the runways. Blue made a show in spring fashion (little blue dress, anyone?), but it’s also showing up in spring jewelry. Ocean-tinged jewels and stones straight out of a tropical paradise are hot accessories this season. Here, our favourite stones to keep an eye out for the next time you’re accessory trolling.


What girl didn’t dream of wearing the (albeit fictionalized) Heart of the Ocean after seeing Titanic? Sapphire’s taken centre stage once again this spring. All eyes are on Kate Middleton’s ring finger as the royal wedding draws near. Of course, we can’t all afford the real McCoy, but an imitation of this jewel will still look timeless.
Urban Outfitters’ Edgy Mineral Pendant Necklace shows off shards of sapphire-like stones, $29.

Urban Outfitters necklace


This spring you won’t be able to swing a rotating display in the accessories section without hitting something turquoise. Designers are fascinated with this cheerful, versatile stone and we can’t say we blame them. Despite its look-at-me hue, turquoise actually pairs well with many colours.
Aldo’s Diestel Metal-Wrapped Turquoise Pendant makes an elegant but bold statement necklace, $12.

Aldo necklace

Blue Topaz

The halfway point between sapphire and aquamarine, blue topaz isn’t an easily described colour. Nor is it easily ignored. This soft blue adds a quiet, demure beauty to pieces.
Forever 21’s Gold Under the Sea Necklace is perfectly punctuated by blue topaz-tinged glass beading, $8.

Forever 21 necklace


This bubbly hue is popular with tweens in braces and unflattering eyeshadows. Little did we know, it’d translate well past the seventh grade, finding its way onto jewelry and making fresh pops of colour easy this spring.
Anthropologie’s wild for aquamarine – Try their Fruit Taffy Bangle ($78) for a standout look, or their Succulent Drops Earrings ($48) for a peep of aqua.

Anthropologie bangle  Anthropologie earrings

Sympatico Image


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