Spring 2012: Cleaning Out Your Closet

With the New Year comes new beginnings, and what better place to start than at your wardrobe? In only a few short months we’ll be singing the praises of florals and tank tops, so to make room for Spring 2012‘s hottest items, it’s time to go through what you have and weed out the filler. Here’s what to toss in the seasonal wardrobe clean-up.

1. 1970s denim
Bold colours and high waists were definitive looks of last spring’s collections, and while certain trends have hung on for Spring 2012, bell-bottom and wide-legged jeans won’t be making a comeback. True, wide, billowy legs were seen in collections by Stella McCartney and Holly Fulton, but instead of pleated denim, they were printed, coloured and made of sheer, silky fabrics. Spring 2012 calls for some dress up.

2. Beige
Okay, fine: you don’t need to toss every beige item since neutrals are essential regardless of season. But if you’re hoping to channel the best of Spring 2012, tone down the neutrality with bright colours and bold prints “ or even pair with shades of white for sharper, more feminine looks. Beige suits have been revamped for Spring 2012, and instead of the Working Girl aesthetic, tones and styles have been broken up and softened, worn over floral dresses or sheer button-ups for a more feminine vibe.

3. Wedges
There’s nothing wrong with wedge this winter, but when Spring 2012 rears its head, you’ll want chunky-heeled boots in bright colours and bold prints for a bright, dynamic look. Since Spring 2012 skims over the ˜70s in its homage to nostalgia, the clunky factor of the wedge heel overshadows the classic tendencies of the season “ especially since ˜50s-era pencil skirts, flapper dresses and bright mod raincoats are must-have spring trends. (And wedge heels with a flapper dress is about as right as a certain HBO drama without Michael Pitt.)

4. Floppy hats
Spring 2012 needs us to tone it down a notch. And since the season isn’t planning to downplay colour, prints or statement shoes, it’s Spring 2012’s hats that are seeing a re-vamp. Instead of the floppy sunhats we saw in last year’s Marc Jacobs collection, bucket and straw hats are setting the accessory agenda. And don’t toss that fedora: despite being everywhere for what feels like an eon, collections by Just Cavalli have seen oversized styles that balance out flimsy florals. Just avoid the over-worn version that’s become the Jersey Shore staple piece.

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