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Spring 2011 Fashion: The Right Sunglasses for You

Which sunglasses shape works for you?

The sun’s out, the glare’s increased and as opposed to donning shades in response to the brightness of a cold winter day (it’s a tease “ a tease!), we can embrace our favourite sunglasses with pride and take to the streets with summer-induced confidence. But of course, the first step is to decide which sunglass shape is right for you. And while we all can’t wear Ray-Bans (or can we?), there are other styles that will suit you perfectly “ both on your face, and holding your hair back.

What: Round frames

Background: Mary-Kate Olsen and Chloe Sevigny mastered the small, circular frames made famous by rock ˜n rollers of the 60s and 70s, re-invigorating hippie chic and ensuring that regardless of decade, an understated eyeglass approach is ideal for summer wear.

Who gets to wear them: Since circular frames don’t stretch out or add angles to the face, a long, thin shape works perfectly to balance the roundness of the sunglasses “ especially if worn with a centre part and relatively long waves.

Get Mary-Kate Olsen’s look with American Apparel’s Martine Sunglasses in Brown, $53. Available at American Apparel. 

S - Mary-Kate Olsen Round Sunglasses 300x400S - American Apparel Round Sunglasses 300x400

What: Aviators

Background: Part All-American, part alternative, aviators walk the fine line between being trendy and timeless, having become a staple of the mainstream aesthetic thanks to chains like American Eagle. However, with the current seasonal infatuation with the 1970s, aviators have arguably shaken off their bro-friendly reputation and staged a proper comeback.

Who gets to wear them: With a longer frame that stretches the face, aviators are a universally-acceptable style that can arguably fit with nearly every shape. The best part? Countless styles constitue as aviators, so if you’re not into the classic sunglass shape, you can dabble in aviator off-shoots.

Get Jennifer Aniston’s look with Michael Kors’ Sicily Aviator Sunglasses in Gold, $98. Available at Michael Kors.

S - Jennifer Aniston Aviators 300x400S - Michael Kors Aviators 300x400

What: Oversize frames

Background: After Nicole Richie brought back the sunglasses made famous by Jackie O, thousands of us ran out to purchase our own in a pre-emptive attempt to make the 60s cool again. (Sound familiar?) And while we may see the mid-2000s style as just another take on wannabe bohemian, the oversized option continues to reign, offering a novelty option for those partial to making a statement.

Who gets to wear them: Like clothing and shoes, sunglasses need balance. So if you’re thinking of rocking these oversize, circular frames, make sure you’ve got a square or longer face shape that will balance the width of your frames.

Get Nicole Richie’s look with Gucci’s Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses in Black, $275. Available at Sunglass Hut and net-a-porter.com.

S - Nicole Richie Oversized Frames 300x400S - Gucci Oversized Sunglasses 300x400

What: Ray-Bans

Background: The cré¨me de la cré¨me of the music industry, the classic 50s frame has been seen on everyone from your grandmother to The Strokes. Yet despite the popularity of these timeless favourites, they still maintain an underground novelty that’s deemed them more street style than mainstream hit.

Who gets to wear them: Everybody. Thanks to their unique shape (relatively wide, but not a cat’s eye), whether your face is round, long, square or angular, you can make Ray-Bans your own without worrying about looking dated. (Just ask Don Draper.)

Get Diane Kruger’s look with Ray-Ban’s RB2156 Wayfarers in Black/Blue, $99.98. Available at Sunglass Hut.

S - Diane Kruger RayBans 300x400S - RayBan Wayfarers 300x400

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