A Sneak Peek at Fall Fashion

Fall 2010 fashion may be described as many things, but boring it is not “ especially as stores and designers have begun to release the first pieces that will take us from summer to autumn with effortless transition.  This season embraces quality pieces in bold and strong silhouettes, like the one from Burberry (at left). Check out some of our other picks for must-have pieces:


Not to be confused with the ensemble worn in Britney’s Baby One More Time, this season’s answer to the private school uniform is one that gravitates towards the subtle over scandalous.  Worn at a sensible length (though not too long as to make anyone look matronly), the updated kilt has taken a page out of the book of Empire Records, with its classic pattern tailored specifically for those pining over the look of Liv Tyler circa ˜95: worn with a comfortably fitted sweater, combat or Chelsea boots and a major lack of tights.

Of course, if your wardrobe is a little more polished, the kilt is versatile in the way that it can also be complemented with a dress shirt, grey or black tights and penny loafers.  Or if you’re one to mix and match, grab your sweater, loafers and play up 2010’s flair for diversity “ after all, you’re already wearing a kilt.

1950’s Full Silhouette

Seen at influential shows like Prada and Louis Vuitton, 50s-inspired silhouettes put curves back on the map. This fall, patterns, colour, hair and makeup have returned to the classic, and nothing defines the polished aesthetic of the 1950s like full or circle skirts.

Like Betty Draper in Mad Men‘s first season or any character in Good Night and Good Luck, a defined silhouette is in full demand with a fitted top complemented by a fuller bottom, consisting of durable and high-quality material.  Already worn by the likes of Eva Mendes, this trend can be glammed up for an upscale cocktail event, or brought down to business-appropriate with a tailored white blouse, printed tights and retro pumps.  Paired with red lipstick, a loose up-do and a vintage clutch, and you’ll swear it was 1959 all over again.

Statement Coats

When jackets are necessary, few things are worse than covering up a cute outfit with a bulky, generic coat, and that’s why the outerwear of fall 2010 has got us excited: it’s better than ever.

Some were streamlined and muted (like the ultimate fall must-have: a camel coat like this one at Chloe); others were affixed with faux fur, feathers and even metallics. The shapes of these coats ranged from trenches to peacoats. However, if you’re more comfortable with casual than the look of Gossip Girl‘s Blair, a variety of bombers jackets are also available and doing their aviator-inspiration proud: rich leathers paired with fleece lining and oversize collars.


Simplistic staples are out  in full force “ meaning your white tops, black pants and solid dresses will still be highly in-demand.  Simple cuts, straight lines and soft tones (like tan, grey and camel) can still make for bold statements, but rest assured that one block of colour in an otherwise single-tone sweater dress will still achieve the minimalist look popular both in fashion and in culture.

Whether a well-tailored suit like this one from Jil Sander, or futuristic wrap dress, the aesthetic is attention-grabbing in the sense that less flash results in more attention.  Striking and understated, minimalist fashion will do for clothes what it did for decor “ providing a classic look that avoids being dated or tapped as novelty.

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