Shorts for Your Body Type

So maybe hot pants aren’t for everyone. But shorts can be worn in a way that flatter your figure. They are available in a variety of styles and textures from pantaloons to military style to short shorts. Pair them with stilettos or flats; halter tops or embellished tunics. Acid wash, khakis and chambray colours are all on trend for 2010.

Style expert Bridgette Raes author of Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want, says: You really need to pay attention to your body characteristics when buying shorts. I think all body types can wear them as long as this rule is considered.
Tall & thin:
Hot pants are for you. Wear a fuller top or blazer to balance the proportions.  If you are boy-shaped jumpsuits, rolled up shorts or pantaloons in metallic soft fabrics paired with heels will flatter this shape.

Plus size:
Most full-figured women think that they should wear baggy or bulky clothing to hide their ˜flaws’ and camouflage their size. The opposite is true. Big clothing just makes you look bigger.  Avoid pleats and large embellishments. Stick with a tailored clean short. Bermuda Shorts are an ideal choice since they offer more coverage and you’ll feel more confident.

Short Legs:
Don’t think you’re at a disadvantage because mother nature did make you six feet tall. Petite ladies need not miss out on the trend. Go for a structured fabric cut close to the body and stay clear of oversized, relaxed fit shorts. Adding cuffs will emphasize pettiness.

Follow these tips for day and night wear.

Yes, shorts can be appropriate office attire when the right style is chosen and accessorized to make a professional looking outfit. Choose a longer length trouser-styled short. Cuffed Capris or belted Bermudas pleated in unwashed fabrics such as twill or linen and paired with a bottom down crisp white shirt is a good look. Add a fitted jacket and pumps to complete the more polished look.

For a night on the town, switch to a sequins one shouldered top with sexy strappy high heels. Sip apple martinis on the patio with your sweetie decked out in a floral jumpsuit or playsuit with metallic gladiators or jewelled thongs.

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