Fashion Trend: Deep Sea Aquatics

In welcoming spring, seashells and waves have begun to decorate more than just the ocean. As spotted on this season’s runways, multiple designers let the sea splash over their garments, too. From Sarah Burton’s coral-inspired ruffles and mermaid-cut skirts to Chanel’s feminine aquatic pieces, standard beachwear is being reborn. Here’s how to adapt this trend to suit your personal style:

1. Feminine Fins
As another Chanel spring collection hits the runway, Karl allows classic pieces to take on more of a creative identity. He stays within the boundaries of luxury and sophistication, but is able to modernize each look with his colour choices. A classic freshwater teal cardigan is updated with a pink mesh-like skirt, resembling that of coral. Another elegant, simple-cut dress becomes loud with metallic blue patterns, as if the ocean is glimmering. When reviewing Karl’s collection, keep in mind that classic pieces can always be updated with one, simple tweak. Don’t over-think your look.
Chanel Spring 2012 RunwayChanel Spring 2012 Runway 

2. Futuristic Mermaid
Rachel Burton has found a way to encapsulate the McQueen legacy with her marine-inspired spring collection. With seaweed-esque headpieces and exaggerated frills, each runway look was just as experimental as it was elegant. Dainty coral dresses and ruffled plum attire made a splashing statement, demonstrating how an outfit can be a perfect combination of femininity and empowerment. McQueen’s spring collection shows that dramatized embellishments are not only fashionable, but also enable people to push stylistic boundaries that they never knew existed.
Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 RunwayAlexander McQueen Spring 2012 Runway

3. Seashell Beauty
Throughout spring and summer months, the world instantly brightens. Colours are not only spotted outdoors, but are soon being donned by many individuals. The Givenchy Spring 2012 runway helped illustrate that although colour suits spring, it’s not the only aspect of the season ” at least fashionably speaking. Whether it be elegant frills or sheer accents, white pigments highlight the cut and design of a garment, which are often hidden when wearing bright colours. 
Givenchy Spring 2012 RunwayGivenchy Spring 2012 Runway

4. Goddess of the Sea
As spring brings out the brighter side of one’s wardrobe, there is minimal restriction to the vibrancy of a colour. Some orient spring with light, pastel hues, but Haider Achermann debunks this style myth through his latest spring collection. Metallic seaweed greens and vibrant blues underscore one’s darker demeanor, as if inspired by a modern-day Ursula. When taking inspiration from the depths of the sea, incorporate depth into your clothing choices, too ” like sharp cuts and contrasting hues.
Haider Achermann Spring 2012 CollectionHaider Achermann Spring 2012 Collection

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