The Return of 80’s Fashion

The inevitable has happened. As fashion trends get recycled over time, we were all expecting the 80s to eventually make a comeback.

The 80s gave rise to many fashions for women with the most prominent one of all being the bold shoulder. This revelation came from the rise of women in the corporate world as they were finally allowed to work alongside men.

Power dressing for women was popularized by Melanie Griffith in ˜working girl’ and TV shows such as ˜Dynasty’. However, don’t forget about the most influential style icon from that decade, Madonna. She helped popularize crop tops, body suits, colorful leggings, off-the-shoulder tops, leather biker jackets, acid washed denim and embellished/sequined pieces.

Although many hoped that the 80s would stay in the 80s and out of the twenty first century, these trends were all seen on the runways of fashion’s biggest names for fall/winter 2009. 80s inspired clothing is now on the top of every fashionista’s wish list.

How can you incorporate the 80s into your wardrobe this season?


Don’t be afraid of color, the 80s were extremely colorful years. Substitute the usual black or grey winter coat with a bright red, vibrant blue or chic purple one. Another great way to add color to your ensemble is by replacing your black opaque tights with other hues.

Leather biker Jacket

The biker jacket is back and it is a must-have item in every fashionista’s closet. Wear it over a pair of jeans for a more casual look or over a floral mini dress for a cocktail party with your girlfriends.



Leggings are the new pants. We are used to wearing neutral colored pants and usually add statement to our outfit using colored and printed tops. This season, do the opposite. We are seeing all types of leggings (destroyed, printed, colorful, leather and sequined). So add statement to your outfit with some fabulous leggings and pair them with a solid colored tunic for a new trendy look.

Shoulder pads

Invest in a great blazer with large shoulder pads. Wear this blazer with a great pair of skinny trousers, jeans, high-wasted skirt or leggings. To save money, take your favorite existing blazer and have some shoulder pads put in by your tailor.

Sequins and studs

The runways were bedazzled this season with sequins and studs on everything from bags, leggings, shoes and even jackets. Add some attitude to your outfit by pairing a striking sequined bag or studded ankle booties to an otherwise modest outfit. Be careful with this trend however; keep it subtle to avoid looking like a walking disco ball.

Acid washed denim

That’s right, this much feared trend is back. However it is done more tastefully by today’s designers for a subtler look. Pair some acid washed jeans with your boyfriend blazer or leather jacket and you’ll be ready for a night on the town.

Large Gold Jewelry

My personal favorite 80’s trend is all the chunky, stackable gold jewelry. Jewelry is a great way to add your own personal take on an outfit and set yourself apart from the rest. Wear some large gold pendants with chunky earrings and an oversized cocktail ring.

Also, don’t forget to raid your mother’s closet and jewelry box for some great vintage pieces straight out of the 80s.

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