Mad for Plaid

This season the fashion world has gone mad for plaid! From designers like Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Michael Kors to shopping mall chain stores such as Jacob and Costa Blanca, the plaid trend is everywhere.

It started in 2008, with the appearance of the Lumberjack trend on the fashion scene. This slightly rougher look had hints of plaid and marked a strong departure from the feminine detailing which had ruled the fashion world previously.

And this fall plaid is in full swing. Almost every fashion retailer has a large selection of plaid built into their collections. From tight plaid dresses to short plaid jackets, to mix and match multi-coloured plaids, this fashion trend reigns supreme this season.

But with versatility on its side this trend looks like it’s here to stay. You can dress it up to look polished and professional or play it down for a more relaxed look. And with most stores offering a plaid option there is a piece fit for every girl’s budget. From office wear to street gear this trend is easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.

The Office:

Couple a fitted plaid dress with a long flowing cardigan for work to look professional yet up to date. For a more conservative look try dark dress pants with faint plaid hints and a dress shirt to match one of the plaid colours. This will highlight the personality of the outfit, while also looking subtle and professional.

The Bar:

After work ditch the cardigan and add some peep toe boots to transition from work to play effortlessly. For a more casual after work look try a fitted plaid t-shirt with boyfriend jeans and an 80’s style blazer.

The Street:

While your dress is at the drycleaners incorporate the trend by way of a loose plaid blouse with dark skinny jeans and knee high boots. You can also wear the blouse with a cute skirt, and knee high boots and if you’re feeling cheeky add a jacket with another pattern.

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