Quick Fixes for Fashion Emergencies

Everyone knows that the perfect outfit is easily foiled by the slightest detail gone wrong. Your best weapon against fashion emergencies? Being prepared. Take a cue from the pros who don’t leave home without a styling kit in their arsenal. Stylists use their kits to take care of minor fashion emergencies on a photo shoot, and you should do the same to prepare for real life fashion emergencies. Life isn’t a photo shoot, but you can certainly look the part with these five fashion fixes.

Tide-to-go. Having a compact stain remover on you at all times is key. Nothing ruins an outfit like a red wine stain in the middle of your chest. And isn’t it always the case that right before you are about to leave the house you notice a stain you were sure wasn’t there before? This is a quick fix, and will save you from having to do a speedy outfit change.

Sewing kit. There shouldn’t be any need to race to a seamstress every time a button falls off or a seam unthreads. Get yourself a simple sewing kit and you’ll see that sewing on a button is so quick and easy, you’ll never want to pay someone to do it again. And if the thought of a needle and thread still scares you, have a couple of safety pins on hand just in case.

Pantyhose. You’ve assembled the perfect outfit for an important meeting (professional, yet chic), but lo and behold, you do not have a single pair of pantyhose without a hole in them. Sound familiar? As frequently as they happen, a hole or run in your pantyhose can really torpedo your outfit. Always keep a spare for those important occasions, so you can spare yourself the frustration and embarrassment.

Nude thong. For the sake of all bottoms that are light or tight, get yourself a nude thong. We’ve all tried looking in a mirror from behind to attempt to spot visible panty lines, and frankly it hurts the neck. Wearing a nude seamless thong eliminates the need for the backwards bum check, guaranteed.

Lint brush. If your trusty lint brush is, well, collecting dust, then it’s likely that your clothes are too. There is a reason for lint brushes; they are much more efficient than picking fluff off of your shirt piece-by-piece.  Keep that lint brush at the ready so it’s there when you need it, and so your clothes always look fresh and new.

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