Q&A: Victoria’s Secret Angel, Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt was in Toronto to promote Victoria’s Secret Simple and Sexy Collection and took a few moments to chat with us. We asked her about her beauty secrets and style tips. Read on for her answers!

29Secrets: What's your favourite Victoria’s Secret collection?

Martha: My favourite collection is the Simple and Sexy Collection. I like it because these bras are really sexy in an understated way. It fits my style, I'm a very casual, no frills kind of girl, like a lot of the Victoria Secret Angels. So it really represents our style.

29: Have you picked up any style tips from the other angels?

M: I think less is more, which is actually what this campaign is all about. You don't want to try too hard or be someone you’re not. I think these bras are great because they give you support without overdoing it.

29: What is your top beauty secret?

M: Just taking care of yourself. Your skin looks better depending on what you eat, so make sure you take care of yourself from the inside out. Also just working out as much as you can—don't overdo it, but you definitely want to train as much as possible, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

29: Clearly you are very confident. Do you have any advice for women who need that extra confidence boost?

M: Just remember that you don't need to try and be somebody else. These bras are really great because you're still yourself when you wear them, and you’re sexy in the simplest way possible. Be sensual and be you.

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