Q&A: Fashion Designer Kaelen Haworth

A few short weeks ago, fashion designer Kaelen Haworth returned home to Toronto for the shOws, to showcase her fall 2014 collection to the Canadian media. She'd already debuted the collection of feminine silhouettes in beautiful berry tones a month prior at New York Fashion Week. We chatted with Haworth about her collection and her homecoming. 

29Secrets: How has your design aesthetic evolved since your first collection? 

Kaelen Haworth: I think it’s evolved a lot, but the tenets of the brand have remained throughout. The difference is that I feel more comfortable experimenting and trying new fabrics/colours/finishings. I think that is probably a typical progression, but it evolves quite a bit.

Where does the inspiration come from when designing your collections? Where do the ideas begin? 

The starting point changes each season, but it really starts to become real when I choose the actual fabrics. They really inform the silhouettes and the vibe for each season.

You are quite involved in social media, do you find it has been beneficial to marketing your brand? 

I think it is definitely beneficial if you use it right. I’m not sure I am, but I’m aware of the power it has. I tend to post a lot of pictures of my dog.

Who is your celebrity style crush? 

Jeff Bridges.

Why did you decide to showcase your collection at the shOws? 

When the shOws reached out to me about showing this season, it was just such a no-brainer. The space is beautiful, and their team is so helpful. I wanted to do something in Toronto that felt on the same scale as the show I do in New York each season, and the shOws made it possible.

What are you going to do while you are in Toronto? 

I’m going to see friends and family! I am always in and out of Toronto so quickly, so it’s always nice to be able to see everyone. I’ll also probably keep trying to fall gracefully while I’m in Toronto, because for some reason I can’t stop slipping.

[Photo Credit: Michael Ho]

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