Q&A: Adrianne Ho Launches Swimwear Line with Simons

Adrianne Ho’s Instagram is the ultimate source of #fitspo. The Toronto-born model became a social media phenomenon by sharing her killer athleisure style with fans around the world, inspiring all of us to hit the gym in style. On Friday, Canadian retailer Simons announced they were collaborating with Adrianne on a swimwear line, La Mer Noire (prices ranging from $30 to $50). Just in time for warmer weather, we chatted with Adrianne about the new collection, how to shop for the perfect bikini and of course, her fitness tips.

29Secrets: How did this collaboration with Simons come about?

Adrianne Ho: I had worked with Simons in the past as a model before they approached me to create a swim collection together. They had seen designs from my own brands and wanted to see how we can work together to create something fresh and new for Simons.

When shopping for swimwear what is it important to look for?

It’s really important to make sure that the swimsuit fits to your specific body type. Sometimes it’s better to go for more straightforward designs that are flattering than something that’s flashy that won’t fit, or showcase your body the right way. With this collection there is something for everyone. It’s designed to hold and support your body during movement, and the cut of both the bikinis and one piece are universal as to flatter any body type while still being sexy.


What are some trends we’ll see in this collaboration?

This collection is very reminiscent of the late ’80s early ’90s. Bright colors, colour blocking, asymmetrical lines and active silhouettes.

Fitness is a big part of your life. What workouts are best for achieving the best bikini body?

I think it’s important to find a balance between cardio, weight bearing exercises and eating clean. Cardio burns calories, but weights build muscles, which tighten your body and burn calories long after you’re done exercising. If you’re sticking to a clean, balanced, and organic diet than you’re setting yourself up right to see the results from working out.


Over the years I’ve focused on being active just part of my lifestyle. It doesn’t start or stop depending on whether I’ve achieved my “bikini body or not – it’s just part of my life. I would encourage women to find activities that they love so they can focus on having fun and getting healthier rather than changing specific things about their bodies. La Mer Noire is about continuing being active on the beach or by water, whether that’s swimming, playing paddle tennis, beach volleyball, etc, while still looking sexy and stylish. Focus on finding the right swimsuit that fits within your active lifestyle rather than worrying about working out to get into a bikini.

You also travel quite a lot for your job. Which beach city do you feel best represents this collaboration?

Zuma Beach in California. That’s actually where the campaign images were shot! This was one of the first beaches I started going to when I moved to LA and I love how there’s so much variety to the landscape in one area. As you can see from the images, there’s the obvious water and sand but there’s also rocks and a cliff you can climb up that turns into Point Dume. From there you can see incredible views of the ocean, mountains, and wildlife California has to offer.

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