Peloton Just Launched Its Own Apparel Brand

At-home fitness dramatically changed in the past year, and Peloton has led the way with its top-tier virtual classes and beautifully shot streaming content. Now, the interactive at-home fitness platform that people can’t stop talking about is not only helping fans upgrade their home workouts, they are helping people upgrade their wardrobes with an exciting new line of apparel.

Peloton first began selling apparel back in 2014 as a direct response to member demand and has dropped branded apparel through partnerships with adidas, Lululemon and Nike, as well as several instructor-designed capsule collections that Peloton enthusiasts have scooped up in the last year. Today marks the launch of the brand’s private label apparel brand, Peloton Apparel…every piece designed for working out or walking out the door in style.

Peloton Apparel includes style-forward, expertly-crafted pieces that are body-inclusive and have been wear- tested by real Peloton Members, non-members and, of course, Peloton’s own instructors. The inaugural collection for fall 2021 (that includes over 80 styles!) features a mix of men’s, women’s and gender-neutral styles and accessories ranging in price from $20 – $158 CAD. (BTW… The entire collection is available starting today online and in select Peloton showroom around the globe.)

In anticipation of the launch of Peloton Apparel, we sat down with the brand’s VP of Apparel, Jill Foley (who is married to Peloton CEO and founder John Foley) and chatted about everything from how she started with Peloton, to the inspiration behind the line and what sets this collection apart.

Hi Jill! Let’s talk Peloton! Tell us about how things started off.
Back in 2012, my husband John and I were struggling to fit the studio fitness classes we loved into our schedules with two young kids at home. That’s when Peloton was born. The company started with the understanding that people want to work out — but there are a lot of obstacles that stand in the way of doing so. After launching the brand, John and his co-founders began selling the Peloton Bike in retail showrooms and with that, they wanted to develop apparel to help create a fulsome in-store experience for prospective Members. I joined the team to bring this vision to life, and while this began as a pilot test, it has grown over the years because our Members and instructors have continued to ask for it. Now, we want Peloton Apparel to be a leader in functional, fashionable fitness apparel that complements all sorts of workouts — on and off the Bike.

Tell us about Peloton Apparel?
We’re so excited to officially launch Peloton Apparel — the brand’s first ever private-label line, which was inspired by feedback from our amazing instructors and Members. The collection includes high-performing, body-inclusive and style-forward pieces that were expertly-crafted and have been wear-tested by real Peloton Members, non-members and Peloton’s instructors doing workouts across the various fitness modalities we offer. The line was crafted to outperform, outlast and stand the test of time. With each collection, we want to offer reliable pieces at accessible prices that support your sweatiest days, busiest days, rest days and more. Our goal with this line is to enhance our Members’ lifestyles, not just one part of their day.

Peloton already sells workout gear (I have a few pieces myself), is this collection an extension of what the brand has already been doing or is this something completely separate?
That’s correct! We’ve had a number of private label styles in our apparel collections over the years, but the scope of this collection will be unlike anything else you’ve seen from us before. We first began selling apparel in 2014 as a direct response to our Member’s asking for it, and it initially started out as a pilot test. Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the fabric, fits and styles — fine tuning everything based on feedback from our Members and our instructors and really just obsessing over every detail. Now that we’ve put in the work, it’s about expanding the breadth of what we offer. Peloton Apparel will now include a line of core styles offered season after season with the same performance-tested fit and fabrics, but in new colorways and design elements with each collection drop.

What was the inspiration behind the line?
As a Members first organization, our community is definitely our inspiration and the reason we created this line. Peloton Apparel was inspired by the voices and feedback of our Members and instructors, and it’s important to us that these collections have something for everyone, empowering people to feel supported and confident with these high-performing, body-inclusive and fashion-forward styles.

There are four featured “Peloton Apparel Fabrics,” which seem to offer different functions and benefits…can you tell us a little bit more about how they are unique?
Correct! Each fabric offers something different — whether you want something with high-compression for a long run outside or something buttery-soft for a recovery day.

The Peloton Cadent Fabric is our signature performance stretch jersey, which we love for its soft feel, breathability and versatility. It offers moderate compression, which means it’s durable enough for all activities, but also promises comfort and ease of motion.

The Peloton Lite Lines Fabric is known for comfort and function. It’s a performance knit jersey with a unique blend of Polyester, Lyocell and Spandex, so it offers exceptional moisture wicking and quick dry functionality, with a lightweight and cool touch finish. It’s great for a workout with a lot of sweat!

Next we have the Peloton Move Mission Fabric, which is perfect for high-performance activities like running, cycling and weight-living. This Nylon Spandex Interlock is buttery soft, quick drying and offers moderate to high compression.

Last but not least is our Peloton Essential Fabric, which we like to call our second skin fabric. With added support, this high gauge Nylon Spandex Interlock is soft, silky and super stretchy, making it a fan favourite amongst yogis.

The line is described as a mix of men’s, women’s and gender-neutral styles. What steps is Peloton taking to ensure the line is as inclusive as possible?
Peloton Apparel is designed, developed and produced with a philosophy of inclusivity and it’s our goal to make sure everyone can find pieces that empower them to feel supported and confident. Our team has done extensive fit development and research, and we are proud to offer the majority of our products in inclusive sizing.

Anything else you’d like to share about Peloton Apparel?
I see the collection as another unique way of uniting our global community through fitness. Every market where Peloton is offered will have access to the line. I dream of the day where two Peloton members from across the world meet and connect at the airport because of this apparel.

What’s next for the brand?
Our priority is continuing to expand on the core styles and fabrics to continue to meet our community’s needs – especially our men’s and accessories lines. Now that we’ve done the initial work to fine tune the line and obsess over the details, we want to build on that and expand the breadth of what we offer. This is the official launch of Peloton Apparel and we’re really focused on letting the world know that we’re here.

The debut collection of Peloton Apparel is available starting starting September 9. You can shop the entire collection at

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