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Fashion’s affinity for the 1970s isn’t a secret, but since some of us aren’t entirely sold by the seasonal appreciation for the disco era, we’ve rounded up some of the greatest 70s icons to help make wide-legged trousers and bold prints not only justifiable, but appealing. (After all, if nights watching Mary Tyler Moore has taught me anything, it’s that the combination of power suits, scarves and Rhoda Morgenstern make for a well-fulfilled life.)

Mary Tyler Moore

When listing the fashion-forward of the early-to-mid 1970s, it’s important to start with the best. And since Mary Richards not only boasted the quintessential wardrobe but the best storylines, you can only assume that MTM and her array of trousers, outerwear and technicolour dresses made her a force to be reckoned with. Thus, say what you will about long, flipped up hairstyles and the seasons without Rhoda, but Mary Richards trumps us all “ including Marc Jacobs.

Valerie Harper

The best friend, the New York dynamo, the character we can all still relate to, Rhoda Morgenstern evolved from the person who wore only three outfits to her own brand of awesome, using her own show to propel herself into the stratosphere of women who dress to impress. Quirky yet classy, mature yet interesting (read: hardest combination ever), Rhoda made crochet vests acceptable and denim bags the norm, cementing her status as the cool older sister we always wanted “ and Brenda got.

Farrah Fawcett

Whether she was Jill Monroe or simply herself, Farrah Fawcett owned style, good hair and often the red carpet, as her wavy locks complemented her bell-bottom jeans and made everyone want to be at least one of the Charlie’s Angels circa 1976. Pantsuits or dresses, skirts or that red bathing suit (and so what if some of us wear a baggy t-shirt at the beach and scowl in the direction of seashell necklaces?) the 70s have become synonymous with Farrah and her flair for fashion, or at least the hair we’d love to have.

Sally Struthers

Blame it on the curly blonde hair or the that fact she could make Archie Bunker eat his words, but Gloria Bunker had it going on, boasting her plaid button-ups, wide-legged jeans and barrettes that made our mums, aunts and even ourselves (thank you, reruns) envious of the ability to wear yarn as a hair accessory. While Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall had glamour and Debbie Harry had punk rock, TV heroines had sass, and with her casual ensembles (we promise: some of our favourite 70s looks consist of the classic top/pant combination) Gloria successfully made jeans “ and attitude “ seem like more.

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