New Ways to Wear the Button-Up!

A classic, white button up blouse is a classic item every woman should own. It’s also one of the few wardrobe pieces you can actually buy several of, without feeling guilty. But the white button up is more versatile than you think…

Here are some new ways to style the essential item.


Under a dress

During the winter months, layering is essential, but sometimes, you want to wear that new dress you bought for spring early. Pair a sleeveless dress with a complimentary or neutral coloured button up. This style works best on dresses with crew or boat necks, and plain v-necks as well. You can either button up the collar and accent the look with a statement necklace, or leave the collar open and peaking out for a schoolgirl look.

With a midi

Midi skirts are a hot trend for spring, but are sometimes hard to wear. A plain white button up tucked into the shirt lets the statement skirt stand out, and balances out the proportion.


A white button down is simple, sequins on the other hand, are the opposite. Put together an outfit combining the two, as the white blouse will not overwhelm a glam pair of sequin shorts for a night out, or a pretty sequin skirt at an event.

Button Up 1

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While button ups go great with blazers, a huge trend this season are blazer vests. While it might still be too chilly to wear a sleeveless vest, layer it over a silk button up for a tailored look that is inspired by the boys.

Layer it up

Look no further than the pages of J.Crew’s catalogue or outside the tents at fashion week to get inspiration on layering up your favourite button up. Play with textures and combine a classic chiffon blouse under a thick cable knit, or scrunch up the sleeves of a cashmere sweater and let colourful cuffs of your blouse peek out. Layer on the jewelry too to complete the sartorial look.


Athletic inspired pieces continue to be a trend, and that’s a good thing, because they are cozy and practical. You can even wear a sweatshirt to the office if you layer it over a white button down. Do up the collar and accent it with a collar necklace to upgrade a plain sweatshirt into a fashionable look.

Button Up 2

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