The Must-Have Trends for Fall Fashion

Although bold makeup is a must this season, don’t assume this trend applies to the rest of your wardrobe. Overbearing looks are never in style, so it’s important to offset your look by wearing less.

How to wear it:
It’s safe to say that the word ‘minimalist’ is somewhat misleading. IE, although this trend relies on simplicity, it doesn’t mean that it requires no effort. Minimalism is all about the cut of your clothes, so you want quality pieces that are going to flatter your shape, like a streamlined coat or well-cut black pant. Since you’ll be wearing less, make sure your ensemble is a perfect fit to accentuate those curves.  Scope out neutral, timeless colours, lay off the beads and embroidery and dazzle yourself with confidence.

Reason to love it:
There is a hidden complexity within this trend that makes it all the more intriguing. When it works, your compelling simplicity will stand out more than a shimmery necklace ever could.

Chunky Knits
Remember that oversized, knitted sweater your grandma made for you, only to be tossed into your closet until her next visit? Well, it’s time to dig it out of that pile, because grandmothers from across the globe just may have been onto something.

How to wear it:
This baggy look can take on a multitude of forms. If you want to be casual, style your knit with sporty tights or sweats. For a more sophisticated appearance, pair your woolen bundle with a set of booty heels, fitted pants and a felt cloche hat. Most importantly, always be sure to layer; you never know when you’ll get toasty and need to disrobe. (Pst – probably not the most practical fashion choice to wear in the office, unless of course, the heater is broken).

Reason to love it:
Who doesn’t want to wear something that is essentially a blanket on the go, yet at the same time; superb and trendy. The best part? You can leave your coat at home.

Mixing Print

A time has finally transpired where trendiness involves mismatching your outfit.  Untamable cheetah, zebra, leopard and giraffe prints charged through the runway this season, so to all of those disbelievers out there – it’s time to unleash your wild side.
How to wear it:

Resist the urge to dress yourself up in a random assortment of patterns, because believe it or not, there is technique to this colour madness. Take the time to discover pieces that fit a similar colour scheme. As ironic as it may seem, in the case of mixing prints, animal patterns take on the role of a neutral. Once you have the foundation, be particular when choosing a piece to really make your outfit roar.
Reason to love it: 

This trend can be challenging to pull off, but that’s the fun part. When contrasting colours click, you’ll transform into a walking work of art; a masterpiece if you will.

Handle Bags

Rid yourself of those bulky, Marry Poppins sized purses that had you blushing each time you held up a line to retrieve your wallet. The return of the structured, ladylike handbag is back in style – so slip on those sleek white gloves and begin to strut with class.
How to wear it:

The top-handle bag is versatile and can complement almost any clothing piece you pull out of your closet.  This all-purpose bag can be worn casually with a pair of jeans, and can be dressed up for a girls night out on the town. This style keeps with today’s minimalist trend and clothing look, so when purchasing, think neutral.
Reason to love it:

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s always nice to have some aspects remain simple.


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