Most Fashionable Television Shows Right Now

We will never forget the fashion eye candy that television shows like Gossip Girl, Sex and the City and Ugly Betty provided for us the last couple of years. They will go down in the history books as some of the most trendiest shows on air. And as much as us girls would love to live on pure reruns, we still want to know the "what's hot" of today, not yesterday. Luckily for us, there’s a newer crop of shows feeding our fashion obsessed souls. So as much as we will forever want to raid Carrie Bradshaw’s closet and try on a pair of her Manolos, here are some television shows we currently admire for their fashion:

Mad Men

The 60s style demonstrated on Mad Men has us all wishing we weren't from this decade. Don Draper and his fellow male comrades are the epitome of male sophistication with their sharp, highly-tailored suits. But women of the show are the true trendsetters with their colourful, bold, figure hugging wardrobe. What we love most about this show's style is it evolves accordingly with the times. Season one was much more conservative as it represented the early 60s. Watch the show now and you'll see that the skirts are much shorter and necklines are much lower as they head into the 70s.  Take in as much of this 60s fashion as you can as the show is set to finish in 2015.


CW’s newest television hit is also a hit with us fashionistas. Yes, we know Reign’s fashion isn’t historically accurate but damn, the stylists on this show make historical inaccuracy look really darn good. A girl can definitely appreciate the intricate, and heavily embroidered gowns they showcase in each episode. But it’s the accessories that take our breath away. From Greer’s chandelier earrings, Kenna’s ring cuff bracelets and Queen Mary’s headbands, these ladies of the Queen’s court know how to look the part.


Don’t get me wrong, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl are the epitome of great NYC fashion but so unattainable. Sorry but I don't have $700 at my disposal for that cute designer bag. Let’s be real – the looks on those shows cost more than my monthly rent. But thank goodness for Girls for representing the everyday woman. The fashion on the show has an authentic quality. It’s  a snapshot into the everyday NYC girl, the girls that just make-do with what they got. Marnie is the young wannabe professional who doesn’t leave the house without a fitted skirt and a pair of heels. Shosh has that quintessential college look, Jessa is rockin’ a free-spirited boho chic look and Hannah…well Hannah dons a fun, quirky style… when she's not walking around her apartment naked of course.

Game of Thrones

There is some incredible fashion across the seven realms. Special kudos to the wardrobe stylists that manage to create distinct looks for each character depending on where they come from in this magical world. We love some of the Grecian style gowns we see characters like Khaleesi and Shae wear throughout the series. Let’s not forget some of the plunging necklines and sultry dress cutouts characters like Margaery Tyrell like to rock. The fabric, patterns, embellishments, fancy collars, and belts- there’s not a detail that goes unnoticed on this show. Game of Thrones takes television show fashion to a whole new level.

The Carrie Diaries

If you loved the looks showcased in The Carrie Diaries, we’re sorry to tell you that you witnessed the last of them. The Sex and the City prequel just got cancelled, but hey – the fashion was good while it lasted. No surprise here though, the wardrobe stylist used on the show was the same one used for Gossip Girl. Fashion expectations were high on this show, and although they didn’t get high television ratings, we believe the older Carrie Bradshaw still would have appreciated her mini-me’s style.


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