Midi Rings: How To Wear Them

Jewelry’s playing a huge role in Fall 2012, but instead of the dainty pieces you’d pair with the season’s upcoming fashion, the oversize trend extends into accessories. Of course, you can get a jump on fall early: thanks to midi rings and wearers like Rihanna, you can use the pieces to anchor light, airy outfits “ or add an edge to harder fashion. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves “ here’s how to wear midi rings.

1. Don’t wear them alone
The first rule of midi rings? Don’t talk about midi rings. Kidding, but think of the trend as something to do without over-thinking it. Unlike most accessories, midi rings look best when paired with more hand jewelry, so wear more than one on one hand, pair with one oversize ring, and make your hands a focal point.

2. Don’t overdo it
We know “ we just made it seem like an easy look to execute. And while midi rings are relatively straight forward (wear one on a hand that has another ring on it), wearing too many at once can look too casual, or even dated (evoking memories of Phoebe Buffet’s ring-covered hands circa Friends season five). Make two your maximum if you’re feeling nervous, and if you want one hand to stand out, wear two on one hand. The more you wear them, the more they’ll feel comfortable, so trust your judgment with what looks best.

3. Make them stand out
Midi rings aren’t meant to be silent, so if you’re really hoping to embrace the trend, opt for a design like a lightning bolt or a bow if you want to make midi rings your focal point. While less ostentatious designs exist, 3D blinged-out midi rings have eclipsed all others, so sacrifice any other hand jewelry if you’re hoping to try the trend but aren’t ready to layer up.

4. Keep them metallic
If there’s one thing midi rings have in common its metal. While the gold and silver styles still boast fun, unconventional designs, they still maintain a feeling of quality thanks to what they’re made of. And despite certain pastel plastic designs making their way across style blogs, for the office or for special events, you want to keep your midi rings classy. Saturdays in the park are another story. 

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