Keds x PARTYSKIRTS Available Now at Hudson’s Bay

FACT: The more you say "spring is coming!" the more it's true (and other things I tell myself to make the flurries I'm watching outside my window seem like a hallucination). But in the case of a new all-Canadian collaboration between Keds x PARTYSKIRTS, it might actually be a real sign.

Lauren and Mariel Armstrong — the Vancouver-based sisters behind the PARTYSKIRTS brand — have joined forces with Keds to bring us three limited-edition sneaker designs, which came to be following a spur-of-the-moment tweet. By tweeting the shoe company photos of themselves wearing Keds (for a tennis-themed photoshoot for their own brand), Keds took notice and the rest is history. 

"We're so thrilled to be working with Keds, and we each have our favourite style," said Lauren. "I love the geo stripe paired with skinny white jeans or a black PARTYSKIRT, and Mariel loves the Dalmation paired with the Dalmation print PARTYSKIRT for the full look."

As for Keds? They're psyched to work with the sisters because "they were courageous enough to follow their dreams to launch their company so early in their lives." (Hell yes.)

Dalmation print, polka dots, and black and white geostripes make up the collection, and each runs for $60 at and at actual Hudston's Bay stores. They went on sale yesterday, so you don't even have to wait.

See? Spring is en route IT HAS TO BE. (I wore a raincoat yesterday for heaven's sake.)

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