J. Crew Summer Line to be Designed by 4-Year-Old

Look out everyone! Sydney Keiser is looking to be the next big thing in the fashion world. Sydney, a 4-year-old from Milford, Ohio, seems to be the youngest fashion designer by recently signing a deal with J. Crew to help create a new line of clothing for kids.

Spending almost 10 hours a day, Sydney wakes up every morning with whatever creative ideas come to mind and creates them using paper, tape and scissors.

With a recent visit to her home from CBC News, Sydney had the opportunity to showcase her creativeness by designing 2 dresses within an hour and even modeled off a dress she made for herself.

She enjoys creating original pieces and also red carpet re-creations and her followers on social media seem to love it. No, she doesn’t handle her own social media account, ha! Imagine? Her mother, Angie knows that her daughter has a gift and created a blog named “Fashion by Mayhem”, a nickname used by the family for Sydney, which showcases her designs. Angie has also used her personal Instagram page with more than 400,000 followers that display her designs also.

Last February, J. Crew head designer Jenna Lyons showed interest in pairing up with Sydney and sent Angie an email in hopes of working with her. In total disbelief, Angie eventually gave in and J. Crew flew the family out to New York where they could talk fashion and business.

Just last week things were made official where “Fashion by Mayhem” will work with J. Crew on a 2015 summer collection for kids.

Sydney's work has been featured on Vogue magazine's and there is said to be a few of other projects Sydney is working on, but is keeping it hush hush for now.

“Fashion is something that comes from within you”, quoted by Ralph Lauren and we couldn’t agree more with that statement. Sydney is a natural. 

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