How to Wear White Past Labour Day

The transition from fall to winter is admittedly one more difficult to accept than it’s analogue, the transition from winter to Spring. After 3 months of sun soaked bliss and layer free legs, us Canadians aren’t quite ready to fathom the thought of retiring said luxuries for cold, lonely nights watching Netflix and skin so pale it borders on camouflaging against your white shirt.

To add salt to injury, there’s a no white past labour day ˜rule’ which threatens to preliminarily rob us of our white dress wearing days. We believe that the fashion world will collectively nod their heads in agreement at the following statement: whoever mandated that white is a no-go past labour day was an idiot. This rule is so utterly nonsensical that we highly suggest you pay it no heed, and instead, read on for our favourite fall friendly ways to wear white.

Go With The Flow
We love pairing flowing white tops with skinny jeans. Not only does it look chic, it also looks great with a leather jacket thrown on top in the evening.


Add a Pattern
If you’re not one to completely abandon traditions, but want to test the waters nonetheless, opt for patterned pieces with a white base. That way, you’re pushing boundaries without completely renouncing everything your grandma taught you.


Overall Perspective
Glamcore may be the new norm core this season, but overall aren’t going anywhere. For a current take on the trend, opt to wear a white pair with a white t-shirt.


It’s All in The Details
The little peek of black tulle under Olivia Palermo’s crisp shirt dress makes it look that much more polished. Take a page out of her book and layer a white dress with the a black skirt underneath.


She’s The Man
Anything boys can do, we can do better¦ including pulling off menswear. Top an all white look off with a menswear inspired blazer and channel your inner #GirlBoss.


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