How To Create A Stylish Home Office Space

By Alison McGill

Working from home is a reality for so many of us now (and I personally love it!). If you’ve been functioning in a make-shift office space, it’s time for a makeover. It’s no secret an organized and professional workspace leads to increased productivity. As you spend upwards of eight hours a day in your home workspace, you want it to be functional, fashionable and a place you love to be in.

It’s time to move your laptop off the dining room table (or couch, we see you), and set up a spot in your home specifically dedicated to work life. Trust when we say you don’t need a ton of square footage to do it either. “The most important thing when it comes to designating a workspace in your home to approach this task with intention,” shares Natasha Lao, who works in brand marketing with Winnipeg-based EQ3.” We work (and play) better when we’ve carved out a space that keeps us on task and inspired. Start by clearing out any unnecessary objects that don’t add to the function of your day-to-day or serve to boost your mood. A clutter-free space leads to a clear mind.”

Below, read more of Lao’s tips for setting up a home workspace and what’s trending in home office décor.

Why A Little Space For A Home Office Setup Goes A Long Way
“An office, more than most other spaces in the home, is about function,” Lao says. “When every element is functioning optimally, less truly is more.” The best décor pieces for home workspaces today are extremely compact which means you can set up your office space in the smallest corner of a room if that’s all you have available. You don’t need a dedicated room.

Your Office Chair Is An Important Investment
This is the one item you need to splurge on. You want a chair that’s comfortable and provides solid back support to help prevent any stress and strain (chronic sciatica usually beings with a bad office chair). The best office chairs feature height and backrest adjustability, built in lumbar support, breathable fabric, moveable armrests, and swivel casters for ease of movement. Lao says there are several office chairs now on the market that tick all these boxes, many of which you can customise with fabrications that match your office décor palette.

Personalization Of Your Workspace Is Essential
“When it comes to decorative aspects, I suggest not focusing on what might be considered trendy, and instead allow your instincts and personal taste guide the way,” says Lao. “Invite objects into your space that speak your style. Currently I’m loving furnishings made from natural materials like bamboo. It’s a wonderful way to bring a feel of the great outdoors inside. I also love having a few favourite photographs on my desk and a great lamp.”

Don’t Forget Plants!
“These are always a welcome addition to any office space,” says Lao. “Not only does foliage invite colour and texture play into your space, but helps to improve mental clarity, and purifies the air you breath.”

//photo courtesy of EQ3//

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