How To Pull off Tricky Summer Trends

Ever take a look at the latest look book from your favourite brands and just think “That looks great on a rail thin model, but it won’t look good on me.” Baggy shirts, cropped pants, crazy make-up and hair all look fashion forward on the page of the latest Zara catalogue. But can you really pull off these looks?

The answer is yes and no. You can, no matter what your body type is, pull off the looks and trends you see on models, but probably not all of them (seriously, who do harem pants look good on?). You should never wear something that doesn’t make you feel confident and like yourself. The best way to do this is to try on all the clothes you want before buying them (or checking the return policy) and take a hard and honest look at how they fit your body. Here are some more tips for rocking three of summer’s hard to wear trends.

Maxi Dresses & Midi Skirts

For smaller women, large dresses and skirts can look a bit overpowering and make it seem like you’re drowning in big girl clothes. Whenever wearing this kind of look always consider hemming your clothes to a length that makes you feel most comfortable, shows off the best part of your legs and isn’t dragging on the ground.

You can do these pieces with flats or sandals, and feel free to pick really bold ones so that your feet get noticed and it doesn’t look like you’re hovering around under a tent. Break up this outfit with a belt or great jewellery to create definition. If you are going to wear a sweater or jacket with this look pick something cropped and really well fitted or it will just be too much volume.

Pair Urban Outfitters’ Shakuhachi Lace Maxi Dress in Black, $315, with Forever 21’s Cable Chain Necklace in Gold, $7.80. Available at Urban Outfitters’ and Forever 21.

S - UO Maxi F21 Necklace 500x400

Cropped, Loose-Fitting or Tapered Pants

These vintage throwbacks are popping up everywhere. You will definitely need to try on a lot of different pairs of these pants to find the right ones that work for you. They should lie flat across your front (no bunches or camel toe!) and hit you at a higher part of your waist than your hip huggers. Anything meant to be looser around the hips can make you look wider, so balance our your body with a blazer or a wide neck shirt on top.

Any pants cropped above your ankle are going to make your legs look shorter, so make sure you pair these types of pants with heels that don’t have an ankle strap to elongate the line of your leg. If the pants are high waisted, tuck your shirt into them to help make your legs look longer too. Make sure the hem doesn’t go much higher than your ankle bones are you’re moving into flood pant territory.

Pair Suzy Shier’s Drawstring Waist Crop Pant in Black, $28, with Aldo’s Forwood Patterned Wedge in Medium Green, $90. Available at Suzy Shier and Aldo Shoes.

S - Suzy Shier Pants Aldo Shoes 500x400

Tons of Bright, Bold Colour

It’s easy to mix colour into your wardrobe as long as you do it in moderation. Too many brightly coloured items will make you look like a clown, but you can definitely mix a number of vibrant shades into one outfit. You can do this by using opposite colours (ex: greens go well with pinks and reds) or colours that are similar in hue (ex: orange, yellow and coppers). Just make sure that they flatter your skin tone and you will look great!

You can also start with a neutral top or bottom, add in the bright item and then pair with colourful accessories so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Feel free to play with nails and make up as well if you’re too afraid to commit to super bright clothes.

Always consider the size of patterns, jewellery or bags you’re wearing. They really shouldn’t have any elements bigger than your palm (thus smaller people can wear smaller patterns vice versa for bigger people). Also a tiny bag on a big person looks out of proportion (and vice versa). It’s all about portion control and moderation!

Pair French Connection’s Shyanne Summer Crew Dress in Cayenne Pink, $158, with China Glaze’s Nail Lacquer in Papaya Punch, $6.73. Available at French Connection and salons/spas across Canada.

S - FCUK Dress China Glaze Nail 500x400

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