How To Make The Pleated Skirt Work For You

While pencil skirts and streamlined silhouettes are must-dos for fall, the last thing you want in summer heat is fabric near or around you. That’s why the pleated skirt is the perfect solution for those hot summer days: loose-fitting and flattering, they evoke the vintage theme of 2012 while also giving you “ literal “ breathing room. So here’s our guide to making the pleated skirt work for you.

1. Abide by basic balancing rules
The balancing rule (that we just coined now “ you’re welcome) states that if you’re bottom is fitted, your top can be billowy and vice versa. Thus, while the pleated A-line skirt cinches in your wait, your top should be tucked in to highlight as such. While dropped waistlines evoke the ˜20s feel of summer 2012, a completely undefined silhouette (like an A-line pleated skirt with a loose-fitting un-tucked blouse) will only come across as unflattering. So if you’re rocking the pleated skirt, keep your top tucked in or let your waist stand out.

2. Don’t shy away from crop tops
There’s only a small number of people who can carry off a crop top (and this writer isn’t one of them), but if you’re willing to take the risk, you can pair a crop top with a pleated skirt for a fun, retro feel. However, remember that less is less in terms of exhibitionism, so if you’re set on the crop top trend, opt for an ankle-length or midi bottom to balance what you’re showing up top.

3. Embrace the retro look
A look back at fashions of the ˜40s and ˜50s see pleated skirts worn in droves, so to make the pleated skirt work for you, embrace the styles of a few decades back by wearing them with pumps, a fitted, tucked-in top and even a few roles of pearls. It’s still possible to be glamorous come the summertime, and if you’re still not sure how to wear the pleated skirt, ask yourself how grandma would do it.

4. Go casual
Then, on the flipside, take a page out of the tennis book. While most of the season’s pleated skirts hit at knee-length or longer, you can still make them sporty by pairing them with socks, flats (or even sneakers) and a tucked-in tank. Like you’d wear a fancier piece and dress it down with accessories or simpler items, do the same with a pleated skirt. And the best part is that anyone can pull them off.

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