How to Holiday Chic

There’s something about the holidays that require an alternative to typical formal wear, yet with an onslaught of velvet, sequins and holiday-themed accessories in our midst, it can be easy to be your own version of a walking Christmas tree. But worry not: that’s why we’ve got the ultimate go-to guide for dressing festive chic “ no themed vest required.

You hear holiday, you think sparkle, so it’s no surprise that sequins circa 1965 are in high demand come Christmas party season. However, the key is to remember that unless you’re wearing a 60s-inspired mini-dress, less is more. Instead of adorning yourself in head-to-toe sheen, choose a statement piece and let it draw attention to you naturally. A shirt, a bag, or even a headband and eye shadow will add that festive-permitted sparkle without going overboard.

Declared the fabric of royalty (by me), there’s admittedly something luxurious about a texture so rich it seems appropriate only come winter. However, like anything eye-catching, you don’t want to don a velvet pant suit in hopes of seeming edgy or with-it. Instead, opt for a dark velvet dress (black, burgundy or forest green are perfect) and complement it with opaque or patterned tights to make you seem less ˜94 and more modern-day. Sure, the 90s are back, but there’s no need to date yourself at the holiday party “ believe it or not, it’s possible to embrace earlier eras without going overboard.

Red and/or Green
Day or night, red lipstick is always appropriate, but come party season, you’ve got a free pass to wearing a shade you might not otherwise feel comfortable with. However, be careful: contrary to rules of dessert-eating, there can be too much of a good thing, so if you’re wearing red, either match your lipstick perfectly or avoid it all together. The same rules apply to green and corresponding eye shadow: you’re not appearing in costume, so opt for either festive-appropriate shadow and a neutral ensemble, or a green dress and smoky eyes.

Holiday Accessories
It is possible to find Christmas embellishments that will keep you trendy while preventing you from looking like a 1950s school marm, but the key is to remember that novelty is only suitable in small doses. So if you’re one to embrace the magic of thrifting or DIY fashion, do a take on the ribbon-in-hair girl next door look, or even don holiday-themed earrings you can play off as a tribute to Christmases past. However, if you’re more classic than you are kitsch, you can opt for subtle accessories like a broche, bracelet or ring that might be holiday themed, but are far from being a loud reminder of your affinity for Christmas.

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    Oh am using every single trend in this post this holiday, except for the sequins, i still can`t find a good sequined piece but instead am adding a lot of gold, lots of gold. Love every single picture.

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