Fun Ideas for Your Used Clothing

No one likes having to get rid of old but it has sentimental value clothing. But that concert tee from your teens is holier than Tyra Banks to aspiring models. At some point, you’ll have to admit it’s no longer wearable and nix the assurances that your bestie will have to pry it from your cold, dead hands. And when that day comes, we have some fun solutions for you.

Frame it

Remember those t-shirts with ironic sayings you wore like they were going out of style (oh wait, they were) in high school? They make great wall art, along with concert tees or shirts with fun patterns. Look for t-shirt frames in art stores, or online.

Decorate pots

It’s hard to switch over to plain grey socks when you have alternatives with adorable penguins on them. But God forbid you’re in a job interview when your little Happy Feet decide they’d like to make an appearance. If you cut off the toe ends, you can slip your fun patterned socks over plant pots.

Turn it into a blanket

This one is great for any type of clothing you have a lot to get rid of. Shirts, jeans, even old baby clothing can be turned into a quilt. Just cut equal-sized squares out of each item and sew them together like a blanket. Then, flip over and do the same on the other side (otherwise it won’t be very warm).


It’s the oldest trick in the book, but old pantyhose or tights make great sachets for your drawers or closet. Dried herbs like lavender are classic, but you can also stuff them with loose leaf tea mixes that smell delicious, like mint or raspberry.


Legwarmers are back in style, and it’s never been easier to get your hands on a pair. Give old sweaters new purpose by cutting the arms off a nice cable-knit and using them as legwarmers. If it’s a sweater made from jersey or a stretchy material, you may even be able to use them as thigh-high tights, which are hot right now too.

Give it away

Of course, the most virtuous thing to do would be to give it away. Think carefully about why you’re hanging on to it, and if you can’t come up with a solid reason why you’d still like to see it every day, let someone else enjoy it.

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