Five Outfits for the Stylish Working Woman

Who says the modern working gal can’t be a trendsetter too?

In order to give off an air of professionalism and be taken seriously while on the job, there are only so many ensembles that can be worn together (without sticking out – and not in a good way). But let’s face it, a standard blazer and pair of pinstripe dress pants become stale after a while. It’s time to break away from those dull, monotonous outfits that are sported a little too often around the office. Here are five apparel options that the fashionably-inclined gal can wear to work, no matter her job description.

TV Producer/Media Job
For those who have seen the movie Morning Glory, starring the esteemed actress Rachel McAdams (whose stylish flair is one to drool over on its own), her character as a television producer certainly knows how to dress the part. As a TV producer or any other media job that is equally demanding, the key is to look professional but not dull. You want to emit confidence, as others look up to you. Pair a pencil skirt with a button-up blouse, and take advantage of accessories to show off your vigorous side. A timeless Michael Kors watch, complemented with a gold-chained necklace is just as youthful as it is chic.

Whether we refer to an artist as a painter, a musician or any other gal who relishes the arts, there’s one thing that encircles them all: creativity. With that being said, a canvas shouldn’t be the only outlet that sparks imagination; your outfits should also represent your artistry. Let your expressive flair run wild by wearing comfortable, vibrant clothes that showcase your talent. Whether you’re writing lyrics in a coffee shop or spending hours in a studio, a bright, fashion-forward piece fits perfectly with the up-coming trends of spring. Pair it with a slouchy pair of pants, and complete your look with a cute, bohemian style hat or headband. 

Financial Worker
Any gal who works within the financial district (a banker, accountant etc.) doesn’t need to be told that a well-tailored suit is a must-have closet staple. Chances are you will be dealing with people for most of the day, and intend to present yourself in a sophisticated and trusting manner. So let your kind-hearted spirit speak throughout your ensemble. Along with your sleek suit, add a burst of colour by wearing a patterned scarf, or pastel coloured blouse that peeks out beneath your blazer. Incorporating in bright accents will add to your appeal and make you seem all the more inviting.

When it comes to wearing the power suit, a lawyer seems to know how to model it best. But some lawyers have yet to step out of their style comfort zone. Take it from Lindsay Lohan’s attorney (who’s becoming a little too familiar to us all) who, despite not being overly successful in giving Lindsay the walk of out jail-free card, she certainly knows how to dress the part. The key is to look put-together, to parallel your composed nature. While suits are a standard garment of choice, try donning a textured tie-neck blouse, with subtle accessories. Discover new colour combinations, as your confidence in clothing choices will signify your multifaceted skills in court.

If you’re an intern for a magazine, a stylist or field reporter, dressing well should almost be written in your job description. While no boss would ever go out of their way to tell you that, you’re expected to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest. A classic choice? Opt for a pair of firm-fitting jeans to act as your clothing foundation. Pay attention to the upcoming trends of the season (in this case – vibrant colours, bold stripes, mixed prints, and punk chic inspired looks) and transform them into your own. Polish your look off with a pair of oversized sunglasses – an understated accessory that will always be in vogue.

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