Easy Wardrobe Tweaks for the Holidays

For every new season, trends fly in and out, and while all these fads still apply during the holidays, there is an extra layering of glitz to add when heading to a festive soiré©e. So place that oh-so-common cocktail dress back on the rack, and consider dazzling your wardrobe with these unforeseen fashion essentials instead:

Trend: Lace-up Heels
This trend swayed through the fall 2010 and winter 2011 runway this year. The comfort and practicality of these posh boots will add a platform of height to any casual setting (especially for those who need it most!) without appearing overdressed. But who’s to say these heels can’t be fancied up, too?
If you already own a pair of laced booties, don’t spend a fortune on stilettos that twinkle as the holiday lights outdoors. Instead, alter other aspects of your ensemble. Introducing another forthcoming trend: cascading earrings. Take it from Kate Boseworth this winter; these earrings are a must-have accessory that shimmer with sophistication, and are the perfect addition to balance out your heels. Be sure to wear a neutral toned shirt and a silky pair of pants (the earrings speak volumes on their own). So leave the glitter below to the snow on the ground, and let the sparkle emanate from your shoulder blades instead.

Trend: Boyfriend Blazer
The blazer is a ubiquitous fashion essential that has yet to escape the style limelight. It’s a trend that adds a twist of professionalism to any outfit. While this closet staple may be ideal for work, it doesn’t mean it can’t use a few alterations once leaving the office. So, it’s time to get in the celebratory spirit by adding a blanket of frost to this menswear inspired piece.
Add flair to the boyfriend blazer with an array of embellishments. If you don’t want your jacket to remain bejeweled once the holidays are over, scope out a colourful broach, and complement it with a chunky bracelet to match. Make sure your pants are subtle so the outfit doesn’t overpower. As the star atop of your ensemble, slip on a pair of sequin heels (pst- try Steve Madden Scandall in shimmery gold) to add a breeze of holiday air to your look.

Trend: Cape Coat
This flowing jacket is ideal for the holiday season (so very Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf – esque). It is a trend that embodies a hint of romance in its fairy tale appeal, and adds the perfect amount of elegance to the outfit tucked beneath. While it’s preferable to wear this vogue piece instead of a marshmallow puff coat, don’t stop there!
Add glitzy textures to this oversized jacket by pairing it with a feathered skirt and strappy shoes. Since the coat has a draping appearance, opt for higher heels in a neutral tone to elongate your legs (refer to Jimmy Choo’s beloved platforms). Make sure the fitted cape is shorter in length to play up your emblazoned skirt, and pair it with a simple tank. Don’t bother wearing jewelry with this outfit – you don’t want to overstate your look.

Trend: Faux fur
Woolly scarves, fuzzy vests and fleecy coats. There’s no denying it: faux fur is everywhere this season. And as the days become colder, how can you oppose? While keeping toasty will never be an issue when sporting this bundle of fuzz, there are still ways to enrich this trend while sipping on your favourite holiday cocktail.
If you have an unremitting desire to wear a cocktail dress this holiday season, well, here is your chance to cave. It’s time to swipe that sequined dress off the rack and glam the outfit up by pairing it with a fur vest or scarf. And don’t worry, despite the number of ladies modeling a sparkly party dress this New Year’s Eve, all will be dismissed when you show up in your woolen bundle – fur makes a statement on its own. So daub on the red lipstick, slip into a monochromatic pair of heels and let your garment speak for you.

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