Dressing the ’60s

It seems like every season we announce that the '60s are back, and guess what: we’re going to do it again. Thanks to designers like Michael Kors and Jenny Packham, everyone’s favourite decade is back, which is especially perfect since the sixth season of Mad Men premieres April 7. So to help hone in on the vintage aesthetic, here are our tips for channeling your inner Megan Draper.

1. Oversized florals
Yes, we know florals for spring are “groundbreaking” (here’s looking at you, Miranda Priestly), but this season, oversized, mod-inspired floral prints are showing up on designs by Etro and Erdem. But keep things big: like you’d see on Twiggy or Patty Boyd in the mid-to-late ‘60s, flower power can be anything from headbands to stamped prints to lace flowers worn on bright tones.

2. Geometrics
And the mod influence continues! However, as opposed to the freewheeling feel of paisley and floral prints, geometrics (as seen in Marc Jacobs collection) further the 1960s trend. Oversized squares, triangles, or any sort of “shape” capitalizes on the Carnaby era of mid-‘60s London, so get creative by pairing white geometric-shaped earrings and necklaces with black dresses or pant suits. 

3. Mod dresses
Behold: the easiest way to channel your '60s self! While mod dresses were seen in several runway collections, you can also pick them up at chains like Zara or H&M for more budget-friendly – albeit still just as stylish – versions. However, you’ll probably also strike gold at thrift stores: you’d be surprised how many mod dresses you can pick up at places like Value Village, so if you’re in the market for an authentic retro piece, scour the dress sections and look for homemade styles with covered buttons and high necks.

4. Bright colours
Remember Samantha’s mom in Now and Then? (Of course you do, she was the best.) Well while Sam wasn’t a fan of her go-go boots and bright palette, she embodied the late ‘60s perfectly with her vibrant greens, blues, and pinks. Currently, Banana Republic is doing the same through their Mad Men collection, but you can also DIY it by combining a printed jacket with a bright tank, or accessorizing solid jewelry with a loud orange dress. The bottom line? Show no fear – our grandmothers didn’t, after all.

[Photo: Moschino Spring/Summer 2013]

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